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President Trump, Congress and Shaping a Way Ahead

By Harald Malmgren

Trump faces the need to build a new political and bureaucratic consensus in order to carry out promises of change on which he campaigned and won the Presidency.

The Evolving Strategic Map: Challenges for the Trump Administration

By Robbin Laird and Kenneth Maxwell

The tectonic plates are shifting and the United States needs to think carefully about the prospects and consequences of these profound changes between (and within) nations, and how best to respond to this new world order (or disorder).

Time for a Strategic Move Towards India

By Richard Weitz

Along with pressing for fairer trade with Germany and China, the Trump administration should strive for greater commercial opportunities with India, especially in the defense sector.

Making the American Worker Great Again: The Fallacy of Labor Costs

By David W. Jimenez

Clearly, the old excuse that American workers are overpaid, is no longer a valid axiom. Given the state of automation in most manufacturing environments, or at least those that are highly valued by governments, it is government regulations (or lack thereof) that will ultimately drive these decisions.

President Trump and Shaping an Approach to the Global Nuclear Order

By Richard Weitz

Given the Trump administration’s openness to rethinking U.S. nuclear strategy, now is the time to reconsider old truths and encourage new thinking about nuclear futures.

The Second Nuclear Age, North Korea and the F-35

By Robbin Laird

Declaratory deterrence is not enough; a fully conventional strategy is not feasible; but an integrated offensive-defensive force with a nuclear tip is.

The International Security Dimension of Border Adjustment Taxes

By Danny Lam

Let’s revisit the BAT issue from the National Security perspective. It could become the most valuable and efficacious of policy instruments for the US.

National Security Case for Border Adjustment Taxes

By Danny Lam

Border adjustment taxes may provide a way to deal with regime’s like the PRC who are playing the free trade system to their advantage and building capabilities to undermine liberal democracies.

The PRC and “Free Trade:” Playing the Game Their Own Way

By Danny Lam

Treating the PRC regime with “most favored nation” status and privileges from a multilateral trading regime that is structured to deal with trade between friendly governments make no sense when what is emerging is cold war era competition between Beijing and the US.

What if NATO and other US Allies Fail to Deliver?

By Danny Lam

What can the Trump Administration do about fair weather allies? There is a way ahead if the Administration makes this a serious priority rather than simply a campaign tweet or bumper sticker.

Will Canada Help Deter North Korea?

By Danny Lam

The Trudeau regime needs to act now and do whatever it takes to defend Canada.

Can Allies Deter North Korea by 2020? Updating OPLAN 5015

By Danny Lam

OPLAN 5015 was intended to deal with a very limited nuclear & ballistic missile threat. It is now obsolete and urgently need updating by the Trump Administration.

End the Kowtow to Beijing and the North Korean Nuclear Threat

By Danny Lam

Let’s end this Kabuki theater of kowtowing to Beijing to deter North Korean nucs.

Trump, NATO and Shaping a Way Ahead

By Robbin Laird

Remarks made by the President during the campaign have turned into a cottage industry of interpreting his statements with almost church-like dogma by his critics.

Canada and Article III of the NATO Treaty: The Importance of National Defense

By Danny Lam

Today, Canada, a founding member of NATO, is in default of our treaty obligations under Article 3 of the NATO treaty.

Elizabeth Warren on the Warpath Against Jeff Sessions: But Actually You are Not an Indian Warrior!

By Robbin Laird

One of the many bizarre moments in the purported rollback of the threat posed by Donald Trump becoming President has been Senator Warren’s attack on Jeff Sessions.

The Upcoming Visit of Prime Minister Trudeau with President Trump: What to Expect?

By Danny Lam

It is less about Donald Trump and more about the way ahead for Canada.

Immigration Controls and A Commitment to the Four Freedoms

By Ed Timperake

Setting in place a new vetting system should include consideration of any potential immigrant’s commitment to the four freedoms.

A Perspective on the Presidential Executive Orders on Immigration: Putting It Into Context

By Ed Timperlake

The dilemma can be simply put: how to craft a unifying message that can establish common ground for action against Islamic fanatics targeting western secularism and tolerance?

Brexit and Shaping a Way Ahead: The UK, Trump, and the Next Phase of European Development

By Robbin Laird

Brexit is NOT just about what happens to Britain; it is about defining the next phase of European development.

The F-35 Global Enterprise: Enhanced Allied Capabilities to Deal with Evolving Threats

By Richard Weitz

The F-35 provides a ready means for helping realize the Trump administration’s goal of enabling local allies to counter regional threats with less direct U.S. military assistance.

What Do Madonna and Kim Jung-un Have in Common?

By Ed Timperlake

Madonna and Kim Jung-un have both threatened to “blow up the White House.”

Reshaping a Key Baseline: The Readiness of US Military Forces

By Robbin Laird

Repairing readiness needs to be calibrated against priority tasks and rebuilding the force with strategic goals in terms of force structure up against key tasks in mind.

Can President Trump Get Back Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring?

By SLD Team

Can President Trump make the Patriots great again by getting back their owner’s Super Bowl ring?

Defining Victory Over ISIS

By Ed Timperlake and Robbin Laird

Is Trump, Information Warrior, a key part of the effort to be victorious over ISIS?

Changing the Terms of Reference for Taiwan: Expanding the Strategic Options

By Danny Lam

There is a viable way ahead to allow Taiwan to expand its global role without the debilitating dominance of the PRC manipulation of a “one China policy.”

Captain Obvious Joins The Washington Post

By Robbin Laird

Apparently to deal with the new challenges, the Post has decided that the Captain Obvious route might make sense.

The Case of the Dodgy Dossier

By Kenneth Maxwell

Donald Trump has consistently outflanked the traditional media gatekeepers: the news editors and columnists.

The Trump Presidency: Its Potential Impact on India

By Nilova Roy Chaudhury

“Under Trump’s Presidency, we can foresee a stronger America with enhanced substantial partnerships in trade and active diplomacy across the globe.”

The Historical Origins of The “One China” Policy

By Danny Lam

“One China” Policy must be a core interest of the PRC because the regime have no illusions on how perilous and weak their grip on power is within China.

Beijing’s Many “One China Policies”

By Danny Lam

This is the first of a three part series by Danny Lam on the way ahead for the “One China Policy.

An Open Letter to the President of Columbia University: Plagiarism is an Academic Crime

By Robbin Laird

The University should rescind Crowley’s PhD and administratively punish her dissertation advisor and her dissertation committee.

Shifting from A Non-Proliferation to a Strategic Deterrence Paradigm: Coming to Grips with a Strategic Shift

By Paul Bracken

The non-proliferation paradigm looks to make nuclear weapons irrelevant; the second nuclear age is about their relevance to global power and global conflict.

Moscow and the Middle East: What Might Trump Do?

By Richard Weitz

Cooperating against al-Qaeda, as well as ISIS, will likely become more urgent during the Trump administration. Greater U.S.-Russian collaboration against both groups and their affiliates would be welcome in dealing with the ISIS challenge.

The Appeasement Option for the South China Sea

By Danny Lam

The fact is, PRC have so far, gotten away with every move they made in the SCS.

Obama, Trump, and Putin: The Sanctions Game

By Richard Weitz

Trump faces his own dilemmas from the latest sanctions.

Trump and the Challenges of 2017

By Robbin Laird

TR came to power by accident and in a period of Western ascendancy and self-confidence and relative calm. Trump is not coming to power in such a period of history.

Taiwan and Pacific Defense

By Ed Timperlake and Robbin Laird

President Trump has started the process of setting in motion a new policy. There is the possibility that history may record with Donald Trump taking a phone call from President of Taiwan that just taking the call may resonate with the same moral imperative of “tear down this wall” did for President Reagan in Berlin.

Trump and India: A New Opportunity?

By Richard Weitz

US Ambassador to the UN, designate, Haley could help Trump deepen relations with India.

A Communications Revolution: Putting A Politico Article in Context

By Ed Timperlake

It became apparent that the Trump campaign team set their narrative for eventual victory very early; Rule 1 destroy media monopoly of the “truth”, Rule 2 see Rule 1.

A Two-Time Loser: Putting Hillary Rodham Clinton in Perspective

By Robbin Laird

Although the press and analysts are looking at the “causes” of the recent victory of Trump versus Clinton and seeking causes such as the Russian factor or “whitelash,” what is being ignored is that this is the SECOND case of a collapse against the ultimately successful candidate.

Russian “Cyber” Attacks and the Election in Context

By Ed Timperlake

I sincerely doubt there is anyone in the Intelligence Community who would and can say definitely that the Russian Government played a “cyber game” in trying to effect the election.

Tip Over the Outhouse: How to Achieve Accountability For Veteran’s Affairs

By Bill Jayne

The election of Donald Trump is so far out of the box as far as American politics is concerned, that maybe this is the time to go for a complete house cleaning of VA.

Air Force One for Half Price?

By Danny Lam

How might Trump go about getting Air Force One for half price?

The Fainting Couch Award: A New Award For Those Shocked by the Trump Administration

By SLD Team

Our new column will highlight those weak of heart or arrogance of mind who needed to be awarded with the Fainting Couch Award.

Shaping a Trump Template in Foreign Policy: The Taiwan Case

By Robbin Laird

President Trump has started the process of setting in motion a new policy. How about the State Department thinking about shaping a new approach to defending US interests, rather than accommodating US decline?

A Trump Presidency: Shaping a Way Ahead

By Harald Malmgren

Trump will not feel limited by Republican Party orthodoxies, and will likely feel free to intervene in specific business interests and disputes when he sees that as effective.

Connecting Directly with the Electorate: How A Popular President Governs

By Ed Timperlake

Welcome to a new world technologically but one which Mayor Laguardia, and President’s Roosevelt and Regan would recognize. The popular leader speaks directly to the people.

Technology and Enhanced Border Security: The South African Case

By defenceWeb

New technologies embedded in new concepts of operations for border security forces can lead to significant capability advances.

Can the Veterans Benefits Administration Be Saved — From Itself?

By Al Poteet

The Trump Administration has a once in a lifetime opportunity to drain the swamp at VA starting with the Benefits Administration.

Rebooting Western Values: The Case of the French Presidential Election

By Murielle Delaporte

One may not agree politically with a Donald Trump or a François Fillon. But there is an undeniable common force on the move being currently unleashed: a force opposed to “political correctness.”

Shaping a Trump Template for Change: Breaking from the Past

By Robbin Laird

The next decade will be QUITE different from the past two. Donald Trump will become President in the midst of a significant period of global change and will have his own impact upon it. He did not invent this decade; but he is coming to power within it.

Trump Raised the Question about the Future of Extended Deterrence: The Chinese Challenge

By Danny Lam

Trump raised the question about the viability of the future of extended deterrence. China and North Korea are key parts of why raising the question not only makes sense but is part of the evolving strategic equation and reality.

Press Turned Servile To the Authors Of the U.S. Decline

By Conrad Black

Mr. Trump was running against the Bush-McCain-Romney traditional Republicans, the Cruz far-right Republicans, the Clinton-Obama long-term management of the Democrats and the quasi-Marxist Sanders left of the Democrats, and almost all the press and polling organizations. These were impossible odds against him, except that he won.

Castro is Dead: But Cuba is Not Yet Free

By Ed Timperlake

As Castro proceeds to wax status like Lenin and Ho Chi Minh did in their workers’ paradises, there may be an opportunity for a free Cuba to be born.

Trump’s Challenge: Dividing Moscow from Beijing

By Richard Weitz

A strong Sino-Russian partnership is not in the U.S. national interest and that Washington policy makers need to consider how U.S. policies shape Sino-Russian ties.

Trump and China: Doing an End-Around on Beijing

By Danny Lam

Trump has an opportunity to challenge China by going around Beijing’s representation of Chinese interests.

Tweet, Tweet: President-elect Trump Shapes a New Communication Strategy for Working Policy

By Kenneth Maxwell

President-elect Trump has shaped an innovative communication approach within which he is announcing and shaping policy.

A New Approach to Cyber Defense: The Analog Option

By Michael Wynne, 21st Secretary of the Air Force

It is time to shape a new cyber defense appraoch, notably because the President-elect has set a key goal as crafting new civilian infrastructure and strengthening the US military.

From Reality Shock to 21st Century Realities: The Arrival of President Trump

By Robbin Laird

But the real shock about Trump coming to power is a return to looking at the world as it is, rather than the world of our imagination.

A key reason for the close alliance between Hollywood and the liberals in Washington is that creating myth is a substitute for dealing with the nasty world as it is.

Hamilton, Pence and the Return to Core Values

By Robbin Laird

In fact, the make-believe musical called Hamilton is precisely the problem facing contemporary America — the play does not in any way reflect really Hamilton’ values or beliefs and substitutes these like it was a Disney story for the projected values of the rainbow liberals.

The Standing Up of A Trump Administration: A “How Goes it Moment” for the Media-Liberal Cabal

By Ed Timperlake

Given its partisan role throughout the campaign and from the very moment of Trump’s victory, why should the Main Stream Media be trusted for the next four or eight years?

Defending US Borders and the Role of the US Coast Guard

By Robbin Laird

If the new President wants enhanced border security clearly the USCG needs more resources and leadership which does a better job of integrating its assets and efforts with the CBP.

Reshaping the War Against Isis: The Coming of the USS America and the Role of Insertion Forces

By Robbin Laird

The new President clearly has the intent to step up the battle against ISIS; and with some creative rethinking and combat innovation has the means.

Trump’s Ripple Effects On French Republican Primaries

By Murielle Laird

Somewhat like the debate where Trump did not show up during the Republican primaries in the US, he was the missing participant in the French ones last night.

The Anthropologist-in-Chief on His Legacy Tour: Nobel Prize Winner Obama Tours Europe

By Robbin Laird

Many of us welcome a shift from an anthropologist in chief to a commander in chief who would shape a 21st century realpolitik perspective.

General Clapper Resigns: A Trump Victory Has an Immediate Positive Result

By Ed Timperlake

General Clapper has resigned as Director of National Intelligence which provides not only a breath of fresh air, but perhaps can enhance the veracity, performance and competence of an intelligence community all with one resignation.

EU-NATO Relations: SHAPE Up or Down?

By Murielle Delaporte

Trump, Brexit and crises on the borders and within Europe are driving change in Europe as well.

Canada and the Trump Administration: Fear and Loathing is Not A Foreign Policy

By Danny Lam

Canada has a chance to return to the table as one of the US’s closest allies like UK or Australia and work together to craft the 21st Century’s institutions.

President-Elect Trump: A Revolution No Less

By Kenneth Maxwell

The world will not be the same under president Trump. That much is sure.

Lost Inside the Beltway: “Can We Work for President Trump?”

By Ed Timperlake and Robbin Laird

The American voters have put in motion a significant political process of change. But back Inside the Beltway, panic and obstruction loom large.

Secretary Wynne on Trump and Defense Modernization

By Michael Wynne

Our country and the world simply cannot afford another four years of military and national decline.

Why an Ostrich Policy Won’t Work: It is More Than Just Trump

By Kenneth Maxwell

It is hard to be a strategic elite guiding the future of your society with your Ostrich head in the sand.