How will the Trump Administration fundamentally shift American defense and foreign policy?

Time for a Tactical and Strategic Call to Action

By Ed Timperlake

Washington rules dominate as the Trump Administration is losing the fight.

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The US Navy Prepares for High Intensity Operations

By SLD Team

The US Navy along with other key services is focusing on the reset to high intensity operations while engaged in the fight against ISIS at the same time.

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The Challenge of Regime Change: Ron Maxwell Looks at Why Resetting US Foreign Policy is Stalled

By Ron Maxwell

This isn’t merely a story of palace intrigue and revolving chairs in the corridors of power. Brave Americans in the uniform of their country will continue to be sent into far-off lands to intercede in internecine conflicts that have little if anything to do with U.S. national security

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Working to Eliminate Some of the Worst Parts of Military Service

By Christopher Woody

The Trump Administration is trying to get rid of the worst parts of the over requirements aspects of military service.

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The Case for Talking to DPRK

By Danny Lam

Danny Lam discusses the logic for talking with North Korea and has his recent articles have warned the North Korean conflict promises to be a high intensity one, not simply a repeat of the last Korean War.

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Chinese European Initiatives: The Key Role of the “Silk Road” Initiative

By James Carafano

Europeans are starting to see China as not just a checkbook, but as a player that is becoming more strategically relevant to Europe.

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