How to build a Nike perspective for rebuilding the post-Afghanistan US military?

Neo-Cons Play the Anti-Semite Card: This Time Against Chuck Hagel

By Ed Timperlake

To hide behind assertional labeling is hardly a similar place of honor.

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Keeping Advanced Defense Technology in US Hands: A Challenge in the Period Ahead

By Eric Sterner

Chinese interest in the breakthrough technology of A23 Systems is of particular concern.

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Con-Ops Innovation Can Lead the Way

By Lt. General (Retired) Deptula

Linking operations across all domains with accurate information can be the basis for an omnipresent security complex that is self-forming, and if attacked, self-healing.

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The Defense Industry Dilemma

By Sandra I. Erwin

This article looks at the prospects for US defense industry in 2013.

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Why US Defense Decline is Inevitable: A PRC Perspective

By Li Jie

The ruthless reality is that the US can do nothing without enough money, not to mention employ advanced air, sea and space weapons.

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