Boomer Gets Ready for the New Defense Talk

By Robbin Laird

Boomer has had time to reflect on the election and its consequences.

“I have lived in Washington a long time and know that power is fleeting but the problems are not.”

But what defense problems will the Obama Administration focus on in the second term?

After all, the President barely mentioned defense except to give us an important lecture on aircraft carriers and related stuff and how they were much better than horses, or something like that.

Boomer, how can we know what is on the agenda?

“It is easy.  Washington has many word tanks.  And indeed, the political battle is a mere backdrop to the word tanks fighting for money and relevance every 4 years.  There are the red word tanks and the blue word tanks.  How smart you are in every 4 year period depends on your color coding.”

Ok so wisdom is color coded and then what can we expect from the correctly colored word tanks?

Boomer underscored that “this is relatively easy.  For the blue word tanks, the focus is upon things like “managing the global commons” and “controlling your negativity” when confronting folks like Iran or China.  Every problem is the next phase of negotiation and the US actually fails to understand the “global complexity” of the “evolving situation.”

But Boomer had to admit there are important surprises in the period ahead.  “I have to admit that I did not see this coming.  Concern with defense cuts and the man-made tsunami of sequestration could do many things but you have to be a red word tank to come up with this one:

How the ‘Fiscal Showdown’ Impacts Gay and Transgender Americans

Certainly this could have important impact on the composition of the US defense force but frankly I missed this one.  So pay attention carefully to what the word tanks write about.  For the President undoubtedly will use their words.”

After all, a war of words is the crucial deterrent in today’s “complex world.”


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