Factoids: What do the next 15 years of 21st Century Air Power look like?

Cost of an Aging Fleet (2)

By Air Force Association

Dramatic Personnel Cuts?

Mobility Readiness

Precision Key to Close Air Support Success

Rising Cost of Libyan Air Campaign

Infrastructure Issues

Significant Degradation of Capability with Current Acquisition

By Air Force Association

Current USAF Acquisition Plans

Calculated Risk of Not Replacing Core USAF Aircraft

By Air Force Association

Cost of an Aging Fleet

By Air Force Association

Northrop Grumman Unveils the Firebird

The Air Drop Revolution

Virtual World

USAF Trend Lines

Aging USAF Aircraft Inventory

The Evolution of Airpower Under Gates

Onboard pilot optional with Northrop’s Firebird spy plane

B-1 B Upgrades

Chinese J-20

Reductions in Force

More Personnel Reductions Via a Voluntary Route?

U-2 Pilot

Early Separation Requests

Costs of Global Hawk

Libya and Airpower

New Bomber

Retiring C5As

Impact of Aging Assets on Maintenance Costs

Myths of “unmanned” aircraft

Cost of Weapons Sustainment

Factoids: Can the PRC dominate the Pacific in the next 15 years?

The Chinese Approach: Go

China Versus India R and D

Mulling Through US Policy in the Pacific

China Looms Large For New Indian Air Force Chief

Asia-Pacific Countries Seek ASW Helos To Counter China

China’s Strategic Arctic Interest

Evolving Chinese Relationship with Pakistan

Enter the dragon: inside China’s new model navy

By Torbjørg Hemmingsen

The Indian Combat Aircraft Downselect

By Praveen Swami

Taiwan Needs F-16s

Need for US Policy on Critical Minerals

Russia, Japan and China

The R and D Enigma

India and Space Security

A U.S. Manufacturing Recovery Vis a Vis China?

Drug smugglers in minisubs hunted by Seattle Coast Guard crews

Why China Is Hoarding Rare Earths

A Call for More Coast Guard in the Pacific

Chinese Global Investment Trends

Questionable Expenditures

Tech Impetus Swings East

India’s Rejection of US Aircraft as Seen by China

Chinese foreign direct investment: What’s happening behind the headlines?

By Lucian Cernat Kay Parplies

China’s Growing Influence on Greek Economy

Chinese Icebreakers

China’s Rise

By C. Fred Bergsten, et. al.

Charm Offensive

By Joshua Kurlantzick

The Beijing Consensus: How China’s Authoritarian Model Will Dominate the Twenty-First Century

By Stefan Halper

When China Rules the World

By Martin Jacques


By Harold L. Sirkin, et. al.

From Chinese Soft Power and Its Implications for the United States

By Carola McGiffert

ITC Describes Chinese Intellectual Property Practices

By Richard McCormack

Gulf to Remain Prime Theater for Iranian Deterrence

By Dr. Heinrich Matthee, Academic Head, Black Hall College London

High Tech CEO Wonders if Silicon Valley Will Look Like Shenango Valley

By Richard McCormack

Losing Aerospace?

By Richard McCormack

Major Holders of US Treasury Securities as of January 2011

Military Diplomacy with China

By Richard Weitz

Top Container Ports

Top Holders of Foreign Currency Reserves

Geopolitics in a Time of Rapid Technological Change

By Dr. Alain Dupas and Gerard Huber

Chinese Military Power Report Highlights Growing Chinese Naval Might

By Dr. Richard Weitz

China’s Energy Demand

Crafting Energy Security in the 21st Century: A German View of the Challenge

By Caroline Mükusch

China Gaining Control of Global Telecom Industry

By Richard McCormack

Chinese Patents

The Three Faces of Chinese Power

Top Commercial Shipbuilders