Mobility Readiness

Mobility air forces have been able to maintain a high readiness level despite “robust and dynamic” operational requirements, said Lt. Gen. Loren Reno, deputy chief of staff for logistics. The mission capability rate for MAF assets currently lies at 82.7 percent despite much greater utilization demands in Southwest Asia, he told members of the Senate Armed Services Committee’s readiness panel in May. Meanwhile, the readiness of combat air forces aircraft is “adequate” despite flying older aircraft longer and accumulating flight hours more quickly than first envisioned. The mission capability rate for CAF assets is now 75 percent, having declined three percent over the past five years. CAF aircraft availability rates have declined almost five percent during that same span, settling today at 65.5 percent, Reno told the committee. However, the MC rate for combat platforms in Southwest Asia remains high at 84 percent. “This is to be expected due to the focus on warfighter support,” he said. (Reno’s written testimony)

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