Editor in Chief

Dr. Robbin Laird

Dr. Robbin F. Laird is a a long-time analyst of global defense issues.

The Honorable Edward Timperlake

The Honorable Edward Timperlake recently served as Director, Technology Assessment, International Technology Security (OSD).


Dr. Paul Bracken

Paul Bracken is professor of management and political science at Yale University. He is the author The Second Nuclear Age, Managing Strategic Surprise, Fire in the East, The Command and Control of Nuclear Forces and other books and articles. At …

Lt. General (Retired) David Deptula

Lt General David Deptula  (USAF) retired in October 2010 after more than 34 years as an Air Force officer.

Danny Lam

Brian Morra

Richard McCormack, Manufacturing News

Richard McCormack is editor and publisher of Manufacturing & Technology News, a publication he created in 1994. The publication is read by executives in industry, government and academia on five continents. Mr. McCormack is an active journalist covering the profound …

Chris MacLean, Editor, Front Line Defence

Chris MacLean began her magazine career in 1976 as Art Director with Canadian Review magazine (published by E. Graydon Carter, now the Editor of Vanity Fair). Chris’ fascination with defence topics began in the late 1970s, with her work on …

Dr. Kenneth Maxwell

Kenneth Maxwell was the founding Director of the Brazil Studies Program at Harvard University’s David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (DRCLAS) (2006-2008) and a Visiting Professor in Harvard’s Department of History (2004-2008). From 1989 to 2004 he was Director …

Dr. Harald Malmgren

Dr. Harald Malmgren is a recognized expert on world trade and investment flows. At Yale University Malmgren was Scholar of the House and research assistant to Nobel Laureate Thomas Schelling, graduating BA summa cum laude in 1957. At Oxford University, …