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While anonymous postings can be made (your email address will never be published), in order to have a professional debate with everything discussed and argued over, there is a simple ground rule:  no personal attacks. The discussion should always be on the merits of the case presented.  The editors reserve the right to approve or not approve comments and replies to articles.

Comments should be under 300 words (there is a 1500 character maximum).  All comments must be posted in English.

After a robust debate over the next month the salient points will be summarized. Trying to compile those points credited to individuals will be not done. Rather a listing of subjects and insights that are deemed important will be listed as comments made by contributors. The original articles will be kept posted for appropriate credit for those who use their name.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions posted through comments are those exclusively of the writer and not those of Second Line of Defense.  Anyone who posts a comment on this site  accepts the guidelines outlined here.

Unsolicited Articles

Unsolicited articles may be emailed with “Article Submission” in the subject line. [read more about submissions]

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