How will the Trump Administration fundamentally shift American defense and foreign policy?

The Fainting Couch Award: A New Award For Those Shocked by the Trump Administration

By SLD Team

Our new column will highlight those weak of heart or arrogance of mind who needed to be awarded with the Fainting Couch Award.

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Shaping a Trump Template in Foreign Policy: The Taiwan Case

By Robbin Laird

President Trump has started the process of setting in motion a new policy. How about the State Department thinking about shaping a new approach to defending US interests, rather than accommodating US decline?

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A Trump Presidency: Shaping a Way Ahead

By Harald Malmgren

Trump will not feel limited by Republican Party orthodoxies, and will likely feel free to intervene in specific business interests and disputes when he sees that as effective.

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Connecting Directly with the Electorate: How A Popular President Governs

By Ed Timperlake

Welcome to a new world technologically but one which Mayor Laguardia, and President’s Roosevelt and Regan would recognize. The popular leader speaks directly to the people.

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Technology and Enhanced Border Security: The South African Case

By defenceWeb

New technologies embedded in new concepts of operations for border security forces can lead to significant capability advances.

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Can the Veterans Benefits Administration Be Saved — From Itself?

By Al Poteet

The Trump Administration has a once in a lifetime opportunity to drain the swamp at VA starting with the Benefits Administration.

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