How to prevail in the Second Nuclear Age?

The Second Nuclear Age: What Will be the Rules of Deterrence?

By Robbin Laird

A new round of nuclear weapons developments is under way without necessarily replaying the rules established in the first nuclear age. .

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Thinking About a Second Nuclear Age: Shaping a Way Ahead

By Paul Bracken

A turn in attitudes about nuclear weapons is taking place. There is a growing realization that we are entering a multipolar nuclear world.

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A Step Forward in Dealing with the Second Nuclear Age: The Sec Def Addresses the Nuclear Enterprise

By The SLD Team

Re-focusing the attention of the USAF, the military and strategic leaderhip on the nuclear enterprise is the key theme of the Sec Def’s message.

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The Iraq Crisis and the Second Nuclear Age

By By Robbin Laird and Ed Timperlake

After Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and very likely and perhaps also Turkey will acquire nukes.

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Ukraine as a Stepping Stone for the Second Nuclear Age

By Robbin Laird

The agreement crafted by the United States and the UK to guarantee the territorial integrity of Ukraine if it gave up its nuclear weapons was as worthless as the Munich agreement of 1938.

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Avoiding Eye Contact with Putin May Not be Enough: The Russians Expand Air Patrols in the Western Hemisphere

By SLD Team

How are the Russians dealing with the latest does of Obama Administration tough love?

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South Korea and the US Address How to Deal with Evolving North Korean Threats

By Richard Weitz

Several North Korean military developments are leading to a reset of South Korean defense.

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Hong Kong Protests for Democracy: The Johnson School Embraces the Panda?

By The Honorable Ed Timperlake

While protestors are risking their very lives for democracy in Hong Kong, a prestigious school in a famous American University embraces the Chinese elite and its authoritarian system.

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Taking a Measure of the Asian Defense Challenge: Shaping a Way Ahead

By Ed Timperlake

It is time to change the four star billet in South Korea and shift it from the US Army to the USAF.

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The US Needs To Withdraw From the INF Treaty: Shaping a Relevant Modernizaton Strategy

By Zbigniew Mazurak

Withdrawing from INF while focusing on requisite modernization might be a way to enhance deterrence, notably in the context of the collapse of the Warsaw Agreement.

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