How will the Trump Administration fundamentally shift American defense and foreign policy?

Can President Trump Get Back Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl Ring?

By SLD Team

Can President Trump make the Patriots great again by getting back their owner’s Super Bowl ring?

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Defining Victory Over ISIS

By Ed Timperlake and Robbin Laird

Is Trump, Information Warrior, a key part of the effort to be victorious over ISIS?

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Changing the Terms of Reference for Taiwan: Expanding the Strategic Options

By Danny Lam

There is a viable way ahead to allow Taiwan to expand its global role without the debilitating dominance of the PRC manipulation of a “one China policy.”

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Captain Obvious Joins The Washington Post

By Robbin Laird

Apparently to deal with the new challenges, the Post has decided that the Captain Obvious route might make sense.

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The Case of the Dodgy Dossier

By Kenneth Maxwell

Donald Trump has consistently outflanked the traditional media gatekeepers: the news editors and columnists.

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The Trump Presidency: Its Potential Impact on India

By Nilova Roy Chaudhury

“Under Trump’s Presidency, we can foresee a stronger America with enhanced substantial partnerships in trade and active diplomacy across the globe.”

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