Can the PRC dominate the Pacific in the next 15 years?

The Chinese Government and the Management of Dissent

By Steven W. Mosher

Are there moral issues affecting the contest in the Pacific? The Chinese Crackdown Carried Out by the Neo-Red Guards Predates the “Jasmine Revolution.” Steven W. Mosher President, Population Research Institute Excerpts from Testimony Presented to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Subcommittee on …

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Terrorist-Criminal Pipelines and Criminalized States

By Douglas Farah

One of the Most Under-reported National Security Issues in the 21st Century by Douglas Farah, National Defense University Press, PRISM 2 no. 3 Douglas Farah is a Senior Fellow at the International Assessment and Strategy Center On July 1, 2010, …

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Trashing the Tawain Relations Act?

By William Lother

Rick Fisher of the International Assessment and Strategy Center suggested the US secretary of defense may have made an ‘awful blunder’ By William Lowther  /  Staff Reporter in WASHINGTON US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has indicated for the first …

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Have We Experienced the Dawn of the Chinese Century?

By Bill Anderson

As Second Line of Defense completes its first issues forum, I offer a final thought from a different perspective on Chinese influence…both on a regional and world scale. We don’t have to wait 15 years for the PRC to dominate …

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Can the U.S. Meet the Challenge of the Evolving Pacific?

By Robbin Laird

Dr. Malmgren has underscored in his analysis of alternative futures for the PRC in the 15 years ahead, that there is no inevitability of the dominance by the PRC in the Pacific.  Much of this depends on what the U.S. …

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