Boomer Reflects on the Presidential Debate: Spread the Love as a Strategic Deterrent

By Robbin Laird

Everyone in America has a view on the debate.

Me, I missed it for I was in Europe, but got many opinions upon my return.

Boomer decided to fill me in.

“The debate was a bit about everything, but with the Great Asian Vacation in my background, I always like to understand what the next President is going to do to make America stronger in the world.

I got the point that President Obama is not George W. Bush and that should make feel good.

For by changing rhetoric, the world would like us better and that would make America safer.

The words make me free and secure.

The problem with this was the our Ambassador in Libya failed to share the love so evident in the Arab Spring

And even having a Muslim type name, did not save the President from being burned in effigy during the most recent phase of the Arab Spring.”

But by and large, national security seems less important than the future of Obamcare which, ironically, has not yet been funded.  We are waiting for the tax bill, which the Supreme Court clearly called for.

That will be one of those things sorted out in the next 4 years.

But Boomer did tell me this.

“We learned from the President that he has strengthened national defense by stopping the production of the F-22 and getting savings from this cancellation.

I may be a simple guy, but what savings?

And he talks about the Pivot to the Pacific, and I guess MRAPs are much more useful than F-22s.

But we will pay for the Pivot to the Pacific from savings such as cancelling the Presidential Helo program and cancelling the F-22 and slow rolling the F-35.

And this process will undoubtedly strengthen America somehow.

I guess the world will like us better so our love quotient will go up and threats go down.

Perhaps that is the model.

Cancel “expensive and troubled” programs, and “save money” and spread the love.”



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