How to build a Nike perspective for rebuilding the post-Afghanistan US military?

The Nike perspective – Just Do It – is the appropriate perspective to re-building the US military after Afghanistan.  Make no bones about it, a major cultural shift and re-orientation is required.

One can take the approach of debating at 50,000 feet whilst doing nothing practical to rebuild the force, or one can sequester and set in motion a black hole strategy, or one can recognize that the key building blocks are already at hand and we just need to get on with it.

What are some of the key building blocks?

How can those building blocks be assembled into an effective post-Afghanistan military force and strategy?

How can the new platforms be leveraged as part of an overall strategic re-design?  How will an effective US approach intersect with global allies?

Can the US have an effective arms export strategy in the years ahead if it does not embrace the new platforms ready to be built now?

How can we harvest the best and leave the rest from the past decade of land-based war?

This forum is dedicated to getting on with it.  How can we put in motion change, which is effective in the short term but builds for the mid and long-term?  Simply cutting budgets will not yield either cost savings or strategic renaissance.

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One response to “How to build a Nike perspective for rebuilding the post-Afghanistan US military?”

  1. Kevin Joseph says:

    I view the democrats as anti-military. They always want to cut the dept of defense budgets and weaken the military. With war lasting almost 10 years and muliple deployments of soldiers we should not be reducing troop strength. Also, there are numerous challenges and dangers across the globe with Iran and other contries where a conflict could easily escalate and require a strong american military to become engaged.
    This nation needs to build up and support a strong military that can meet, and exceed, the requirements of american defense and supporting our ally’s.

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