The Heart of the Matter: Moving towards High-Intensity Warfare

High-intensity warfare is characterized by rapidly evolving, high-lethality, multi-domain operations.

The skills, tactics, procedures, and the level of force integration required for successfully conducting such operations will challenge the generation of officers who have come to maturity fighting in counter-insurgencies.

It is a culture shift; it is a platform shift; it is an acquisition shift; it is an exercise shift.

In the event of a high intensity war breaking out, mobilization is a critical capability.

This means that in preparing for the prospect of high intensity war, a premium is placed on planning, establishing and meeting the requirements for the U.S. and allied industrial base to surge war winning platforms and weapons to the fight.

For the high intensity fight mobilization is crucial; modernization is from this standpoint of a futuristic concept.

How will the US and the allies make these shifts, and to take the force we have and make it more high intensity combat ready and ensure that modernization going ahead enhances the capability to engage in and win high intensity conflict?

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