The Heart of the Matter: A New Administration: A New Day for American Foreign and Defense Policy

We have consistently taken Donald Trump and his candidacy seriously.  That puts is in a distinct minority.  Now the press which could not do anything but support the political mobilization of his critics and opponents and the Inside the Beltway strategists are going to get it right about Trump and his Administration’s path to the future?

In this Forum, we are going to address the challenges and the way ahead for Trump and his Administration in defense and foreign policy. He comes to power when first order principles worldwide are in turmoil; he is prepared to look at first principles and to shape new paths and approaches.

Predictably, the high priests of strategy inside Washington want to attack and to obstruct. In this Forum, such folks will not get a free ride.

In addition, we will be addressing how first order changes in approaches might move America in a different direction, one in which American interests are met and those of our allies and partners who are willing to address fundamental change as well.

We have been the first to the Whiteboard in taking Trump seriously PRIOR to his becoming the President-elect.  We will continue to do so and to be more than willing to criticize those in the “policy elite” who believe their outmoded views simply prevail over the new President, his Administration and the American people.

As Ed Timperlake noted earlier this year about the Main Stream Media meeting Trump and the movement:

“It is similar to Catholic priests first seeing the Vikings show up and trying to sort out who they were!”

Now the Vikings are coming to Washington and picking and choosing who will join and became part of the movement coming to power and shaping a new agenda.

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