About SLD Forum

The SLD Forum focuses on key issues shaping the future of national security capabilities.

We have dealt with the future of Pacific strategy, the future of airpower, the nature and impact of the Bold Alligator 2012 exercise and Just Do It or how to shape a post-Afghan US military, the challenges of the rebirth of nuclear deterrence issues with regard to the Second Nuclear Age and most cross cutting issues which are creating the foundation for global crises and global change.

In this forum, we are focusing on the election of Donald Trump whose election victory provides a challenge to conventional political wisdom and to foreign and defense policy of the past two Administrations. Although different in many ways, neo-cons under Bush and liberal interventionists under Obama who would have been continued in power under Hillary Clinton built a consensus on the use of American military power to nation build as a way of fighting global terrorism.

Clearly, President-elect Trump is not going to continue that approach. Trump is proposing a fundamental reappraisal and reassessment of U.S. foreign and defense policy that questions core assumptions and consensus in the U.S foreign and defense policy establishments. This Forum will look at this roll out and focus on the way ahead.

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