About SLD Forum

The SLD Forum focuses on key issues shaping the future of national security capabilities.

We have dealt with the potential impact of the Trump Administration, the future of Pacific strategy, the future of airpower, the nature and impact of the Bold Alligator 2012 exercise and Just Do It or how to shape a post-Afghan US military, the challenges of the rebirth of nuclear deterrence issues with regard to the Second Nuclear Age and most cross cutting issues which are creating the foundation for global crises and global change.

In this forum, we are focusing on the strategic shift from fighting the land wars and engaging in slo mo war in the Middle East towards a force optimized to fight higher tempo and higher intensity operations. Reshaping the force we have and building out capabilities to deal with crises in Europe or Asia or the Middle East that involve peer competitors requires a different mind set in terms of ops and training. We are going to look at this reset or reshaping dynamic and how it might play out.

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