This Florida Recount is NOT the same as the Bush vs. Gore days

By Ed Timperlake

The shame of south Florida rigging elections is now evident.

Even The New York Times captures a moment of truth that actually shows why this Florida recount is different than the horrific 2000 Presidential Process.

It’s Déjà Vu in Florida, Land of Recounts and Contested Elections

Lawyers and party activists raced to Broward and Palm Beach Counties, where two of the most closely watched races in the country — for a Senate seat and for governor — still hang in the balance, nearly four days after the election on Tuesday.

Judges held emergency hearings, siding with Republicans who questioned the secrecy imposed on ballot counts by local elections officials.

In using the term “Déjà Vu” in their headline they would have their readers believe it is all the same almost two decades later.

But it isn’t.

There is a very powerful difference that can finally put a stop to south Florida political corruption.

I would put in bold above the huge difference.

For all who lived through and remember the trajectory of the Bush-Gore recount it went forward from “hanging chads” and other buffoonery to finally winding up in the courts.

This time there is very important difference, the Judicial Branch in our Constitutional process entered the fight early.

Note the phrase “lawyers and party activists raced to Broward and Palm Beach Counties” as The New York Times and many in both the Main Street Media and cable news shows breathlessly report ad nauseam, the linear trajectory of a recount process.

In other words the famous quote about “Generals fighting the last war” will play out.

But 2000 is truly “a last war” moment.

The Republicans should not give enhanced credibility to a corrupt process because this time the Judiciary has already given President Trump due process and 4th Amendment top cover.

President Trump put it all on the line in his heroic campaign effort, so now it is time to bring the FBI/DOJ to the fight time to engage in stopping this type of behavior forever by using the tools of Surveillance State for a good purpose

Bringing DOJ supported legally by DNI “surveillance state capabilities” to the fight can show any electronic conspiracy communications of the players that executed this horrific illegal threat from within.

Thanks to smart early Judicial intervention, it will not be an illegal “fishing expedition,” if Federal law and Order starts a full field criminal investigation.

On the physical evidence side of an FBI/DOJ investigations, Americans have already seen armed police threatening a US Congressman filming their illegal activity, and then he was asked to move away while getting fully engaged to stop injustice:

“Matt Gaetz showed up to cool the passions of the crowd urge restraint and respect—yeah right or to yell at police officers and election officials,” Maddow said.

Maddow then showed a video of him arguing and demanding to go in an inspect the building as police polity ask him to move because he is creating a safety hazard.

Those police officers were given instructions which has a legacy going back to the deep south of Sheriff Bull Connor years.

Bull Connor set the dogs on non-violent protesters in Birmingham Alabama. President’s Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson all brought the honorable majesty of the federal government to bear when civil rights corruption was discovered.

Sounds like Rachael Maddow is channeling an inner Bull Connor:

Our people of Birmingham are a peaceful people and we never have any trouble here unless some people come into our city looking for trouble. And I’ve never seen anyone yet look for trouble who wasn’t able to find it”

My political ally Bart Marcus nails it perfectly in bringing RICO statutes in play:

President Trump should direct Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to use the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to stop election fraud in Florida and elsewhere.

It is highly probable that a disciplined investigation will find a pattern of using electronic communications such as telephone calls, texts, and chats to conspire to commit election fraud.

That opens up the conspirators to charges of wire fraud.

So with Judicial “Top Cover” already set, and a RICO predicate being used by the FBI and DOJ I would offer three Rules to stop this once and for all:

Rule 1 Be very careful to not overly empower a corrupt process by accepting their terms of engagement-so far it is their rules on their turf-change that by FBI/DOJ intervention.

Rule 2 See Rule 1 and bring Senate Majority leader in support to this fight-it is his Senate and that would give unity of purpose by all three branches of Government.

Rule 3 Start immediately arresting people in Florida-TODAY.

Immediately, arresting identified criminals will totally change the linear narrative established by those currently engage in or reporting on those fighting “the last war.”



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