Connecting Directly with the Electorate: How A Popular President Governs

By Ed Timperlake

The 2016 campaign focused many American’s on a fundamental question about the impact of essentially a dishonest media:

Will the media be greatly empowered to be the judge, jury and very public executioner of what and who is acceptable in the great American debate about our lives and future?

With the smashing victory of Donald Trump to the abject disappointment of the Main Stream Media (MSM)elite. America saw a new way for a President to connect to the American People.

President Trump will be unfiltered in his quest to reach out across the board directly to explain how he intends to make our lives safer, more secure and economically better off.

The evidence is already accumulating that many in the MSM are already trying, before his hand comes off the Bible in front of the US Capital to delegitimize our new President.

The battle at Harvard between campaign staffs set the tone for what to come:

Jennifer Palmeiri and Finney charged the Trump campaign with providing a platform for white supremacist views by hiring Breitbart Chief Executive Steve Bannon.

The Trump team had elevated the so-called alt-right movement into the mainstream, they said, with Palmieri adding that Clinton’s speech denouncing the extremist movement was the proudest moment of the campaign.

Thankfully it was an open and on the record event, as opposed to Clinton Inc. and Democrat talking points being sent out to all. It was reported that over 60 journalist were essentially “in the tank” for the Clinton Campaign.

So why trust the media to be both fair and balanced?

See this link-

Consequently, Kelly Anne Conway could knock down the attacks, for they are not arguments, from the Clinton Inc. sore losers.

They made it obvious that they could not help embarrassing themselves in showing no class all while demonstrating their blind ignorance on why they lost.

“Do you think you could have just had a decent message for white working-class voters?” Conway asked.

“How about, ‘It’s Hillary Clinton, she doesn’t connect with people?’

How about, ‘They have nothing in common with her?’

How about, ‘She doesn’t have an economic message?’”

And now the great Presidential Communication process enters a new era because Donald Trump has pioneered a new and innovative way to connect using 21st Century Technology, by making direct short unfiltered comments to all.

Already carping in the MSM shows that they cannot stand the loss of their power because President Trump can keep them honest and always set the record straight by not allowing anyone to interpret what he says or means.

His tweeting and use of You Tube is changing yet again the dynamics of communication.

In trying to discredit and delegitimize President Trump, many are using “Populist” as a pejorative term.

It actually isn’t that evil a word unless connected to demagogy, incipient fascism and in U.S. used with “white supremacy” which is exactly where Clinton Inc. Democrats and their media puppets are trying to take it.

So rather than having a semantic fight with individuals who control headlines, reporters covering news stories, actually which are now more blogging opinion pieces, it is simply that Donald Trump is following in the great popular tradition of communication pioneered by NYC Mayor Fiorello Enrico La Guardia , President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and President Reagan.

Different times and different technologies are involved but all three very admirable men were popular and did not allow themselves to be pigeonholed into being characterized by the ugly side of “populism.”

These three very popular and visionary elected leaders became popular on their own merits by pioneering ways to communicate directly to the voter.

When the newspapers went on strike “The Little Flower” reached over them and read the funny papers. This was a brilliant move and his closing comments reading Dick Tracy resonates to this very day

“Dirty money always brings sorry, misery and disgrace”

Soon after his inauguration in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his first national radio address or “fireside chat,” which was broadcast directly from the White House.

He focused very personally on the economic wellbeing of all Americans with reassuring insights about the “banking crisis.”

President Reagan ran against the popular wisdom, which more or less accepted the immortality of the Soviet Union.

Rather than accepting Soviet Communism, he challenged it directly at its symbolic epicenter – the Berlin Wall.

“Tear down this Wall,” was the Reagan challenge which was met by the German people and set in motion the end of the Soviet Empire.

On December 1, 2016 President Elect Trump delivered a masterful speech: “What we’ve created is a movement, and it’s a beautiful thing”

This fact must scare the heck out of his critics.

Because this is also how he communicated his message on the very same day.

Donald J. TrumpVerified account‏@realDonaldTrump

Thank you Ohio! Together, we made history – and now, the real work begins. America will start winning again! #AmericaFirst.

Ironically, by attacking Trump from the moment the election was called, many in the MSM already hurt themselves for any future accountability, and President Trump can hold them accountable appealing directly to the American People—from anytime and place on twitter or releasing a new You Tube Video.

Welcome to a new world technologically but one which Mayor Laguardia, and President’s Roosevelt and Regan would recognize.

The popular leader speaks directly to the people, without the MSM of “high priests” interpreting your words.


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