A Perspective on the Presidential Executive Orders on Immigration: Putting It Into Context

By Ed Timperlake

There are two issues not focused on in current debate about tightening immigration in general and “extreme vetting” specifically that need to be considered.

The first issue is the brain drain issue and its impact on the society losing its talent.

If we stop illegals into the U.S. from many countries then they will have to fight at home to build a better life, especially in Mexico and Central America and over time, that dynamic may ultimately be a force for hope and change.

Additionally, ruling elites in some other countries may appreciate that there may no longer be a legal and illegal “brain-drain” into U.S.

This also may over the long run be a change agent for good.

How many off shore genius Math/IT/Computer scientists and engineers does it really take to build a product line?

A Nation’s indigenous  teaching, and medical professions may become better if people stay to build a better society in their country.

Clearly, other nations can build a technological competitive advantage in R&D and manufacturing if many of their best and brightest stay home.

And one needs to consider that if Islamic refugees are fleeing Islamic States isn’t there something very basically wrong with Islam?

The second is safety in America itself.

One brutal fact that is often overlooked in the current debate is what is known as Green on Blue KIA (Killed in Action) and WIA (wounded in action).


When I got my Iraq in-brief (2003) I was told to expect about 10% of “friendly” Iraq troops wanted to kill me if given the chance.

The in-brief for my daughters husband in Afghanistan (he was an MP) was to keep one eye out for Taliban and the other watching you Afghan Army/Police “partner.

Remember these individuals who are a real threat were “vetted”-

There is no U.S. Constitutional Right for immigrants to demand entry and to stay.

A simple litmus test is can any potential new immigrant truly accept President Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms, especially Freedom of Religion.

The dilemma can be simply put: how to craft a unifying message that can establish common ground for action against Islamic fanatics targeting western secularism and tolerance?

Such a message would need to unify Christians, Jews and atheists and allow Muslims to agree with and that is the crux of the message in the Information War battle — acceptance of the Four Freedoms.

On January 6 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt gave his State-of-the-Union Speech and he brilliantly articulated “The Four Freedom Speech

  1. Freedom of Speech
  2. Freedom of Worship
  3. Freedom from Want
  4. Freedom from Fear

America was not yet at war, but Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and Imperial Japan were all showing their abject hatred personified by the word Freedom.

The genius of President Roosevelt’s speech is that it was not a battle cry for war; it was a statement of principle for all humanity to rally around.

It is a perfect list to capture the goals of why a Nation and people can and should fight to defend four elegant and essential freedoms that can make the world a better place.


If for whatever reason in our national debate about legal immigration it is simply a numbers game then let in individuals who have 100% “Four Freedom” tolerance for other religions, atheists included.

Right now the Main Stream Media is going high dudgeon over people being inconvenienced and possible sent home..

In reality, the actual choice is between  proven brutality and death to innocent Americans  versus a plane ride home.

This is not a tough choice with consideration of the security of the homeland at stake.

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