The Standing Up of A Trump Administration: A “How Goes it Moment” for the Media-Liberal Cabal

By Ed Timperlake

“Media bias is only half as profound as liberal irrationality,” was a comment made recently to me from a fellow fighter piot, who served in USAF as both a combat and test pilot.

Both top leaders in Obama National Security Team are proven liars to the American People.

Ambassador Rice NSC Director, and DNI Clapper were found out to have greatly deceived all Americans by lying in their official roles.

President-elect Trump has begun to put that Obama legacy in the rear view mirror.

In one move, he put truth telling General Flynn in as his National Security Advisor and General Clapper resigned.

“Flynn spent 33 years in the Army as an intelligence officer, rising to the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, a job that he was forced to leave in 2014 after clashing with Obama administration officials, who he has said lacked a strategy for taking on a global militant enemy with its roots in a radical interpretation of Islam.”

Elections truly have consequences for the good. 

In this early Information War engagement fewer than 2 weeks into the process of forming a new government, an epic battle is joined by the “liberal -main stream media establishment v Trump Administration.”

In this clash of values for our future, we are provided with a clear example of the collusion between the Main Stream Media (MSM) and Democrat leaders.

Just one New York Times column is a perfect example of what candidate Trump faced, President-elect Trump is facing and most definitely a harbinger of things to come for the Trump Administration.

The double standard on MSM not accepting, nor reporting, that the truth is the truth is profound.

But, first, not giving anything away, the over-the-top outrage from minute one of Donald Trump’s significant victory essentially discredits any future MSM criticism.

The logic is simple –“We in the media opposed you from minute one even though the American people selected you.”

The MSM claims to be objective, yet hard evidence of election night commentary and every day since the victory of Trump, many many big names and organizations in the media immediately surrendered objectivity.

Consequently, why should the MSM be trusted for the next four or eight years?

With the appointments of our new Attorney General, NSC Director and CIA chief, the New York Time’s  response is a perfect example of an “Orwellian Memory Hole.”  This occurs when past statements and actions grounded in truth have no relevance to anything.

Has the cabal of MSM and liberal democrats have no shame?

American are now facing a coordinated drumbeat in a nationwide Information War against the emerging Trump Administration under the operational principle of; forget the past –whatever works right now is our mantra.

The New York Times quoting Senator Ron Wyden D-Or as the Senator objecting to newly announced CIA Chief, AG and NSC director is an early and perfect example of cabal actions generating an “Orwellian Memory Hole.”

“The president- elect has created a White House leadership that embodies the most divisive rhetoric of his campaign,” Senator Ron Wyden said on Friday.

To the extent that these become policies or legislative proposals, I commit to stopping them.”

Yet General Clapper flat out lied to Senator Wyden in a public Senate Hearing and refused to correct the record. To remind the Senator, this is a felony.

But Senator Wyden did not do anything about it except to carp and complain when Clapper resigned.

“Director Clapper famously gave an untrue answer to that question.

So I had my intelligence staffer call his office afterward and ask them to correct the record.

The Director’s office refused to correct the record.

Regardless of what was going through the director’s head when he testified, failing to correct the record was a deliberate decision to lie to the American people about what their government was doing.

And within a few months, of course, the truth came out.”

This entire sequences of events, DNI Clapper commits a felony in front to a US Senator, then gets a pass and yet the very same Senator decides to put yellow flags out about President Elect Trump’ appointment is telling.

What it underscores is that a core point about the corrupted political process of Washington and the pervasive total dishonesty is a key barrier to good Government.

And this barrier needs to be identified and defeated from the outset,

This means that there is a need from the outset to expose and address the very nasty nexus between the Democratic Party and the MSM.

Wyden said that the president-elect, who last week chose Stephen K. Bannon, who has promoted hard-right nationalism as the chairman of Breitbart News, appeared to be building “a White House leadership that embodies the most divisive rhetoric of his campaign.”

The good news is the American people saw that nexus and thankfully  have said ENOUGH!


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