From Reality Shock to 21st Century Realities: The Arrival of President Trump

By Robbin Laird

For the high priests Inside the Beltway and the Main Stream Media, America hardly needed to vote.

It was obvious that Trump would never be President.

Not only did Candidate Clinton not want to come on stage on the evening of his triumph, but the media was in visible shock.

The reality shock continues and we have various proposals on the table to “save” us from Trump such as getting the electors in the electorate college to “vote their conscience” as opposed to the will of the people.

I can not think of a better way to generate a revolution from the center right than to try that one.

But the real shock about Trump coming to power is a return to looking at the world as it is, rather than the world of our imagination.

A key reason for the close alliance between Hollywood and the liberals in Washington is that creating myth is a substitute for dealing with the nasty world as it is.

Barrack Obama was both cause and consequence of the myth machine which has masked the stark realities of a brutal world where inequalities, injustice and global conflict is a way of life.

The question is how best to protect American interests and values in this challenging world.

Notably on President Obama’s farewell tour to Europe he warned Trump against pursuing realipolitik means and approaches.

Or put another way, pursuing policies in the world as it is not the world of our fantasies.

In this vein, Secretary of State Kerry was shocked to find Putin acting in such a 19th century manner, whereas Putin is very 21st century in setting key objectives and putting his means up against those objectives, declaring victory and pausing until the next global moment comes his way.

In contrast, the Obama Administration has set idealistic goals for a world that does not and never will exist and certainly things like the Iran agreement fit that bill.

And the Obama Administration also epitomizes the rainbow coalition approach to appointments and the apportionment of jobs.

The rainbow coalition approach is itself a stark rejection of reality – the United States can not even really define effectively what a minority is.

The President needs to appoint folks who are competent and can craft effective policies for a President to deal with the world as it is rather than projecting the domestic fantasy of a rainbow coalition onto the world.

Self-delusion is not a policy; it is a strategic opening to our adversaries to marginalize the United States and the values which Americans believe in.

Trump represents not just reality shock; but a return to reality and in global politics to realpolitik.

It is only a shock because of the fantasy world into which much of Washington now lives.

A warrior in the world of ideas for a return to reality has been Milo Yiannopoulos.

He has been consistently a stick in the eye of the Hollywood-Main Stream Media-Left’s equation of its beliefs with those of all Americans.

Rather than representing asserted values and proliferating values based journalism, Milo has consistently exposed this cabal for what it is – a fobbing off of a certain sect’s values onto the general public.

Not surprisingly, Milo has seen Trump as a key element of returning America to reality; it is about the battle for shaping what is mainstream not simply from the cabal’s point of view hoping to have some kind of Salem witch trial in public of Trump and his Administration.

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