A Communications Revolution: Putting A Politico Article in Context

By Ed Timperlake

Glenn Thrush is a good writer and is a good researcher with an entertaining style.

His recent article published on Politico is excellent in capturing the elements of the Presidential election campaign.

However, he missed a key element underlying the Trump victory which informs the entire effort and is crucial to his forthcoming way of governing.


As a well-respected card carrying member of the political media, Thrush neglected the strategic shift in communications strategy which underlies the entire Trump approach.

He does not account for how Trump overcome the virtually unanimous hostility of the Main Stream Media.

The MSM functioned as a self-appointed judge, jury and executor in all things political.

From day one, Trump operated a work around with regard to the MSM.

And given the close twining of the Clinton campaign with the MSM, Trump had to run against BOTH at the same time.

The Trump Team decided to beat the MSM, because both Clinton Inc. and MSM  were almost completely one and inseparable during the campaign.

Political scientists may look back at lessons learned during  2016 that running against the media was, as Col Bill Buckey a retired Marine Fighter Pilot said, “a focused attack on Clinton’s real center of gravity.”

Taking on the MSM and actually goading them to grossly over-react to the point that their story lines ended up angering most reasonable Americans is a never before attempted strategy.

Ironically, it appears that many “I’m With Hillary” supporters in the MSM just could not stop themselves.

But once their credibility was finished Hillary’s Campaign was finished.

The historic take down of the American MSM media occurred drip by drip.

Donald  Trump Tweets along with focused campaign events throughout the country were used to highlight the distortions of the MSM and their de facto and often explicit support for his opponent.

The message was received by the voters and a major cause for victory.

A few insightful reporting sites like Briebart, and Gateway Pundit  got it very early that a true revolution was playing out hidden in plain sight.

The MSM in order to survive, which is doubtful as currently constituted, because once trust is broken it is almost impossible to get back, must -wake up and understand a much bigger context.

To be fair, the article does signal that big money is involved in understanding what is occurring because ratings equal windfall profits and may drive a major re-think of how to actually report the truth.

It became apparent that the Trump campaign team set their narrative for eventual victory very early; Rule 1 destroy media monopoly of the “truth”, Rule 2 see Rule 1.


The article does cleverly touch on that skill set with real political communication rock and rollers like Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.

Although there is  a very cheap shot taken in the Politico narrative against Steve Bannon, does present a more insightful and decent portrayal of Roger Stone

Wikileaks was an added factor further confirming  the absolute slimy win at any cost DC style of  “the high priests” as status quo keepers of the flame, which was found to be unacceptable to the voters in  Electoral Map America.

Advance notice of debate questions, the promise of positive coverage, and even editorial control over stories are among the eyebrow-raising revelations in emails to and from campaign chairman John Podesta.

“We have had her tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed,” a January 2015 memo said of former Politico and current New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman.

Clinton campaign officials have not denied the authenticity of the emails, but have sought to blame Russia for supplying the hacked correspondence to the hacktivist group WikiLeaks, and have warned that they could be doctored.


This was written very early in the Forum (March 24 2016) by Robbin Laird :

“Journalism properly practiced can help in this journey (writing the facts about the campaign) by informing of what is going on, rather than informing me of what you believe.

For that I can go to church.”


Currently being very sore losers “The Russian did it The Russians did it” is just another last ditch maneuver by a failing cabal of Democrats and the MSM.

Donald Trump again demonstrated his understanding of Cyber War made in politics today as quoted in Jeff Bezos’ personal blog AKA The Washington Post:

Trump added: “It could be Russia. And it could be China.

And it could be some guy in his home in New Jersey.”

The Washington Post reporting is now taking their angry blogging masquerading as news so over the line that it is rapidly destroying what is left of any credibility they aspire to retain.

Russian “Cyber” Attacks and the Election in Context



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  1. Norm Hapke says:

    Ed, the Russians money was never so well spent as in the election. Prime purpose was disruption and they got it. In spades.

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