What is a “Cold War” Weapon?

By Ed Timperlake

Boomer was puzzled recently by watching Presidential (past and current) behavior.

After successfully completing his Vietnam “vacation,” with all expenses paid by the US Army, Boomer figured nothing would ever surprise him again.

But on the banks of the mighty Patowmack, in the hard to make up category, President Obama in a carefully scripted Presidential moment actually saluted MRAPs, it seems.

We must remember that Presidential handlers on earlier occasions made sure that the President was not seen anywhere near the “Cold War” weapon, the F-22.

But you can salute an MRAP it seems, but you must stay far away from a “Cold War” weapon.

Indeed, the Communicator-in-Chief flew half way around the world to salute a truck and not give a speech to the troops he commands.

Boomer found this simply amazing.

Boomer: “We saw that with LBJ. The balanced media cut him a lot of slack because a lot of the balanced media thought like the President, well until they didn’t.”

In fact one tingly commentator on TV, who is from Boomer’s era, said President Obama gave a “Henry V” speech.

Of course, since, the tingly journalist never served in the military and seemed to miss the part of the famous play where Henry V actually gave the speech to the valiant English warriors.

Henry V did not travel to France to salute a horse.

President Obama Salutes in Afghanistan - Awesome pics" we learn (picture and headline posted on Democraticunderground.com).

Sadly, our President looks like he is saluting MRAPS, with no troops in sight, and being praised as being seen in “awesome” pics.

This captures an issue perfectly for Boomer.

“17,000 MRAPS were built with little use for 21st Century warriors once the Afghanistan war ends, and they have even  limited utility in that country.

And what was the President doing signing up America to continuing the Afghan War until 2525—which by the way was a great song from my youth.

We used to sing that during the Great Asian Vacation but not as a forecast for how long we would be wish to stay Vietnam.”

After embracing the MRAP with a snappy salute, Boomer remember a few years back when President Obama called the F-22, Raptor, (the finest single platform fighter ever built), “outdated.”

The President uttered those words when he  “spiked the football” at a White House event. Declaring that he successfully killed the production run of this “outdated” “Cold War” weapon.  But times  can change and he he just recently sent the “Cold War” weapon to a clearly “Post Cold War”  Middle East.

Boomer really likes airpower because those brave pilots saved his life many times during his visit to Vietnam. In fact, Boomer especially loved something called close air support and also when B-52s shook heaven and earth trying to stop people from  killing him.

Being a fan of the Texas Rangers (not the baseball team), Boomer remembered  a famous Texas Ranger saying “One Ranger– One Riot.”

So when the  USAF  sent the F-22 to tell the Iranians to behave— Boomer thought—“One Raptor-; One Rogue Nation.”

“Of course, we could parachute in the huge stockpile of MRAPs which when landing on the Iran’s heads might be a strong signal as well I suppose. And worthy of saluting, I am sure.”

Boomer just knew that the Raptors flying to the Middle East would immediately change the air balance.

“No only our “friends”, the Iranians, are paying attention but those pesky Rooskies and CHICOMs are also watching closely and would like to do something perhaps but can do nothing about it.”

The "Cold War" Weapons Gets Ready for Action if Needed in the Middle East, but is that the "Old or the New" Middle East, the "Cold War" Weapon is Getting Ready for? Credit Photo: USAF

But is was still obvious to Boomer:

“The President seems to be feeling very defensive, after trying to cut back on National Security “Cold War and Other Weapons” to “save the economy.”

It seems he needs to keep stressing that HE did everything in defending America, including seemingly personally virtually killing Osama Bin Laden.

But, for me, heroes who have died and to their dying breath praise others is one of the warrior codes.

This runs deep in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine.

And the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Dempsey, indeed recently praised such a code.

But this code is seen to be missing in action in other parts of Inside the Beltway.

Even more amazing was the reminder from the Protestor in Chief of the risk the current President took to virtually kill Osama Bin Laden.”

Boomer was also amazed at the audacity to feature President Clinton since on his watch as President, he passed up an opportunity to kill Osma Ben Laden before the awful 9/11 attack.

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