Rush We Hardly Know You

By Ed Timperlake

How does one go bankrupt-“Slowly then quickly?”

I suspect the same holds true for market share of radio listeners.

Rush Limbaugh may lose a significant portion of his audience along with a commensurate market share big bucks.

Audiences, especially supporters of Donald Trump, are not seeing honest facts being reported while editors and pundits are hiding behind the cliché—“we are fair and balanced” and we are right— well because we are the media and  viewers can’t handle the truth.

Rush’s “talent on loan from God,” will wear very poorly because of the merits of his ongoing content in covering Trump’s campaign.

His trust factor is eroding because of his making fact based mistakes.

The equivalent of an “above the fold” headline on the Drudge Report April 11, 2016 was a Rush Limbaugh declaration on his national radio show after the Republican Party Colorado Debacle that “Ted Cruz Isn’t Cheating, He’s Winning”.

For point of full disclosure I was a life member of the Republican Party and I received two political appointments into government service by President Reagan.

Unfortunately, a few years ago I was notified that I had to give them more money because they changed the rules of buying Life Membership that it really wasn’t really for life–what greedy bastards.

On Rush explaining away, in his usual cleaver way, the Colorado event whatever it was, it wasn’t democracy it was something else.

Avoiding the usual cliché ridden “Nazi or Banana Republic” analogy, the Colorado political hacks out did another real thug in applying Stalin’s famous quote

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything. Joseph Stalin

By Rush’s own admission he debriefed with the Cruz Campaign and said Ted’s team told him that they did not cheat and in the process on his broadcast he trashed Trump.

Unfortunately his research team missed a published account of actual documented cheating.

Rush Limbaugh is not a journalist but he does brag about his accuracy.

Some free advice, he should channel the famous line of a newspaper editor when having his research team do show prep-“you say your mother loves you-check it out.”

The election issues and rise of Trump, especially his brutal and unyielding stand on all things under the rubric immigration “amnesty,” is white hot and the media deception is unforgivable to many many citizens who are afraid for their lively hood and safety.

IT is that basic.

Even if many try and explain Trump away under the pitch of fair and balanced or the true voice of conservatism (Rush),  damage is already done.

The pitch is so far do not believe “your lying eyes and ears” when watching Fox and listening to Rush.

I believe that when this era is looked at from afar many who were considered smart in reporting and writing about Trump will have to live with their a mistake in print.

The difference between living though history to then having others see the long view is the rapid fire communications of today’s information, some accurate other widely off, but good luck to Rush and others trying to spin and make it up in the age of Drudge and the Internet.

We are all probably living through what intellectuals call an “inflection point” a big brain way of saying something is changing.  That is so true because Donald Trump is triggering  an American media historic epic failure.

As a child of the sixties, I was on active duty in US Military from 1965-1975.

I suspect the anger today is greater because it is not focused by only one high energy group of activists — the anti-war left.

However a great Jefferson Airplane song of the sixties may still be applicable to Rush’s audience feelings about what is occurring today- “When the truth is found to be lies / And all the joy within you dies.”

The current upset with the direction of our great country, especially after the last two terms of President Obama , has had nationwide reach in touching citizens in very basic ways.

Therefore conspiring to “game” and manipulate the news by heretofore trusted sources is not good.

In fact, I bet if Rush Limbaugh had thought of “Make America Great Again,” before Trump, he would have used it as a central point of his show.

But wait it gets way worse for Mr Limbaugh’s credibility, because of the following press release by Salem Communications and their putting his show on California Inland Empire “Talker 590.”

CAMARILLO, CA–(Marketwired – Feb 3, 2014) – Salem Communications Corporation (NASDAQ: SALM) announced today that Rush Limbaugh will be joining the on-air line-up of Talker AM 590 The Answer in the Inland Empire. The Rush Limbaugh Show is heard by more than 18 million people per week on nearly 600 stations.

Looking at a very public source Wiki, that may or may not be the best source, but one would think if wrong Rush’s team would set the record straight on “Weekly Listeners.”

It is still a large audience but Rush has the responsibility to correct the record.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 7.51.38 AM

In their own words and deeds it looks like Salem, is totally in the tank for Ted Cruz.

It is capitalism so their business is their business and if Rush is actually “Talent on loan from God” than he has joined with a very strong “Amen corner.”

About Salem Communications

Salem Communications is the largest commercial U.S. radio broadcasting company that provides programming targeted at audiences interested in Christian and conservative radio content, as measured by the number of stations and audience coverage. Upon completion of all announced transactions, the company will operate a portfolio of 102 radio stations in 39 markets, including 62 stations in 22 of the top 25 markets. Salem’s portfolio includes 40 stations programmed in a Christian talk format, 27 in a conservative talk format, 12 in a contemporary Christian music format, 8 in a Spanish Christian format and 10 in a business talk format. We also program the Family Talk™ Christian-themed talk format on XM Radio, channel 131 and operate and

Salem also owns Salem Radio Network, a national radio network that syndicates Christian and conservative talk, news and music programming to approximately 2,500 affiliated radio stations, and Salem Media Representatives, a national media advertising sales firm with offices across the country.

Salem operates Salem Web Network, an online provider of Christian and conservative themed news, analysis and commentary. Christian content websites include:,®,, and, and Conservative opinion websites include®,,, and

Salem also owns Regnery Publishing, the country’s leading publisher of conservative books. Salem Publishing™ circulates Christian and conservative magazines including Homecoming® YouthWorker Journal™, The Singing News, Preaching and Townhall Magazine™. Xulon Press™ is a provider of self-publishing services targeting the Christian audience.

Ed Timperlake is co-author of three books published by Regnery before Eagle Publishing was acquired by Salem.

One was a NYT Best Seller, Year of The Rat, the other two Red Dragon Rising and Showdown were translated into Japanese.

He actually was on the Rush Limbaugh Show and when there was a guest host.
















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