The Legal Consequences of “The Dirty Dossier” Are Just Beginning

By Ed Timperlake

Every Code Word program needs a Code Word, so why not call President Obama and his National Security Director’s effort to target surveillance of their political opponents exactly what it is—“Operation Destroy Trump.

Hard evidence of an Intel-op is already in the public domain.

And this inspite of the current best efforts by the Mainstream Media (MSM) to put the entire surveillance effort in a memory hole even before it hits our memory.

This is flat out wrong on so many levels; legally, ethically and even practically, because in America we have elections and parties in power do change.

The evidence presented to date in public makes the case that the Obama White House was using Intelligence/ Counterintelligence practices and procedures against innocent Americans, for political purposes.

Byron York has written an excellent piece of reporting where he puts the aptly named “ Dirty Dossier” as the driving force behind the greatest dirty trick in American Politics.

The Dossier was a fabrication of an MI-6 Officer last seen running for the tall grass.

Many innocent Americans have had their privacy shattered by his effort used by very senior individuals in the Obama Administration to illegally empower the awesome power of deep state surveillance technology.

“Spinning in circles on the Trump dossier”

Whatever else it was, Steele’s decision to take the dossier to the FBI was a brilliant marketing move, because it gave a crucial hook to reporters covering the Trump-Russia affair.

But the fact that the head of the FBI informed the president-elect about the dossier — that was news.

And now, with the dossier fully public, some are caught up in a circular argument in which they cite the dossier’s allegations as proof that the dossier is accurate.

All the more reason for investigators to tell the public everything they know about the dossier as soon as possible.

The next very public full accountability step to get to the bottom of this dirty trick is bringing Congressional sunlight of disinfectant on all of the players taking part in “operation destroy Trump.”

As Congressional Committee’s peels the onion, so to speak, here-to-fore classified surveillance targets will be made public for all to see that the “Dirty Dossier,” had been used in secret courts to allow illegal U.S. government political surveillance.

This first lawsuit, based so far only on open reporting is just the beginning:

This is a defamation case brought by three international businessmen who were defamed in widely disseminated political opposition research reports commissioned by political opponents of candidate Donald Trump.

Just wait until Congress uncovers the full extent of the Obama Administration principals using the Dirty Dossier to illegally bring down the full weight of the USG “Surveillance State” to target political enemies.

As I presented on the Nationwide Radio Lars Larson Show the actions of the Obama/Clinton Democrat Team should terrify all Americans, Republicans and Democrats.

On March 6th 2017 I was a guest Lars to discuss this new electronic wave of terror.

Is America on the Edge of an Electronic Wave of Terror?

March 6, 2017

When it comes to cyber-security, Ed Timperlake has an impressive resume. His roles include the Director, Technology Assessment, International Technology Security (OSD), former DOD rep to the National Counterintelligence Executive Committee (NCIX-DNI), principal DOD liaison to FBI for their Government wide CI “Critical National Asset” project, and NYTimes bestselling author of “Year of the Rat, How Bill Clinton Compromised U.S. Security for Chinese Cash,” to name a few. In light of wire-tap accusations and the increased threat of cyber-terrorism, he joined Lars to discuss this new electronic wave of terror. 

Consequently, it is always a tough challenge to initiate a civil suit against the United States Government and their employees.

Especially with highly classified information as a very insightful article in Wired Magazine points out:

But it is also very true that the Federal Government and USG employees can be sued by persons who have had their privacy violated.

This actually happened to me as an IG investigator looking into CPA/Iraq Corruption.

Secretary Rumsfeld and his team that I was on was hit with a $ 10 Million Dollar Civil Suit privacy violation .

It took me about a year working with DOG General Counsel Office,  FBI and a DOJ Civil Suit Defense Lawyer (who was very capable) to have the entire suit dismissed with prejudice.

The test considered by the Court was as follows: Did we stay inside our USG legal position in trying to bring bad people to justice?

After much review, it was found that we had followed all the rules.

And, if we hadn’t, the suit would have been settled in favor of the plaintiff, who was a very slick and really nasty piece of work.

By the way, I did not have a spare $ 10 Mil.

But the really nasty threat was that if the suit was settled against our IG team the issue of criminal prosecution could then be raised.

By winning our case, a criminal investigation was then not warranted.

In fact, just the opposite occurred, namely, the team which had initiated the suit was the subject of an additional FBI investigation for money laundering and comingling of assets.

Consequently, if those innocent American’s who were illegally unmasked in having their privacy invaded by USG employees either by political appointees or career personnel think about initiating legal action, based on my personal experience, they will clearly have a chance to pursue a law suit against those US Government employees involved.

If they did not follow the law in safeguarding a citizen’s privacy they would then be very vulnerable to private law suits.

Anyone who is illegally un-masked, I believe would have standing to be sued.

The media hiding behind the Absence of Malice standard essentially makes them judgment proof.

However, public information is a dynamic process especially in a Congressional investigation cycle.

And if “Clinton Inc” Spin Doctors continue to make nasty claims based on proven erroneous media reports, then they best be very careful in what they say because it could be very expensive for them as the Civil Suit process might be replicated over and over..

I believe the cascading dynamic of Congress putting the truth out to all in this Dirty Dossier” business could then become the foundation of major libel and slander suits, in addition to invasion of privacy law suits.

The truth is the truth.

Let all see what now happens with all MSM and cable talk shows having “talking heads” apologists and published pundits begin to watch what they are saying and writing.

Over time as the truth comes out, it will be interesting to see how Clinton Inc “hangers on” will go in their defense if it begins to get costly.

History has proven the Clinton’s see everyone as expendable except themselves.

Also, see the earlier piece:

Operation “Destroy Trump”

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