The General Rules for Meeting Russians: Powell Versus Flynn

By Ed Timperlake

Lt. General Mike Flynn, former head of Defense Intelligence Agency, (DIA) was appropriately fired for lying to Vice President Pence, full stop.

But all should always note US Army Officer Mike Flynn had over three decades of honorable service including serving our country in combat.

It has been reported that LtGeneral Flynn USA (ret) is under an instigative cloud.

A DOD IG investigation can fall under Military court provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, (UCMJ), for it makes no difference he is retired. However, IG findings can also have legal penalties if only acted on administratively as seen by other cases of General Officers post-retirement loss of rank.

A process in play for an honorable combat officer is what is known in military justice speak — to have issues of mitigation. That is a UCMJ term for essentially showing some mercy in sentencing because of previous honorable service and deeds.

It has been publically reported that he may have violated post-retirement regulations for his lack of correctly reporting his financial contacts while engaging in activities for money with foreign entities and individuals.

However, as far as Special Council or now proven more accurate the Grand Inquisitor Robert Muller, and his legal Torquemada team proceed, I doubt General Flynn will have the same courtesy with any consideration of “ mitigation” and apparently double jeopardy be damned.

The issue of Russian collusion with the Trump team has dominated almost a years’ worth of headlines.

It now looks like high profile indictments are an emerging legal gambit in order to shield the actions of both former FBI Director Muller and Comey and their culpability in the Uranium 1 case.

Any attack on the Trump team with high profile indictments will take the media focus off “U1” and change the subject.

Only time will tell how that national drama will play out.

But there is already, as the late Paul Harvey use to say “the Rest of the Story.”

It goes back to the fall of the wall and involves an earlier Army General during the vaporization of the Soviet Empire.

The first and most significant Big Army engagement with the Russians just before the collapse of the Soviet Union was initiated by then Chairman of the JCS Colin Powell. It could be appropriately said General Flynn was just taking leadership lessons from General Powell.

In October 1990 General Powell escorted General Mikhail Moiseyev, Chief of the Soviet General Staff to the then brand new Cabinet Department of Veterans Affairs. Our mission as directed by the late Secretary Derwinski, who chose not to be present, he really hated Russians, was to show General Moiseyev how America treats our wounded.

“Big Ed” Derwinski was the most senior Polish American in Bush 41’s Cabinet and as stated he really disliked Russians.

He told a joke with biting truth-In Warsaw he said he asked the Chief of the Polish Army what he would do if the Germans and Russian attacked again. Secretary Derwinski was an Army Corporal at the end of WWII, and he well knew personally the very tragic Polish history in that war.

He said the Polish General told him would first swing west to defeat the Germans, then pivot east to crush the Russians –“After all business before pleasure”.

The briefing went well and as General Powell pointed out in his book “My American Journey,” he quotes the supreme Soviet General after seeing the truly world class prosthetic devices the DVA creates:

“We don’t do enough” he (Moiseyev) replied. “We should do more.”

The war in Afghanistan, with the heavy mujahedin use of mines and booby traps, had been hell on Russian limbs.

Remember this is 1990, and our forever war in Afghanistan was yet to come.

After the briefing, I was assigned by Secretary Derwinski to meet with discharged Russian Veteran Organization members who called themselves “Afghanis”.

I truly felt sorry for them they had fought in a lost war some severely wounded and returned to essentially a bankrupt country. To this day I wish we could have done more, when wars end troops are troops and even our past foes need help, this constant Russian bashing for American domestic politics is just wrong on so many levels.

Mike Flynn and his son may soon to be pulled through a symbolic “legal knot hole” and have their lives destroyed. But why was it OK to reach out to Russians in 1990 by General Powell and it is a criminal act today.

Mike Flynn was dealing with Russians as NSC Director designee and then NSC Director with essentially the same rank and honor as Chairman Joint Chiefs.

General Powell is seen as a visionary for even engaging with the Soviet Supreme Military Commander , yet Mike Flynn is facing possible Special Counsel Muller initiated criminal indictments for engaging with today’s Russians and even NATO Allies such as Turkey.

Isn’t Special Counsel Muller’s investigation, now well beyond the initial scope evolving rapidly into perjury traps and process crimes?

As this all plays out, a Democrat amen chorus and their media sycophants are singing full auras that the Russians are only pure evil and they somehow impacted our election.

The huge surprise is that Democrats and their media enablers have been much more successful than many thought possible in focusing national attention on only Republicans and especially President Trump and even his family being in collusion with the Russians.

Meanwhile the Clinton Inc. graft and corruption pay to play with Russians is ignored especially with the emerging Uranium 1 scandal on Secretary Clinton’s watch.

The historic record of the 2016 election will eventually show the truth is the truth and after all the Clinton Inc. and media diversionary fog it will become very clear that the absolute worst inept candidate in US Presidential History was Hillary Rodham Clinton full stop.

The only comfort is deep inside her beliefs, by her words and deeds; she still doesn’t know what a limited person she truly is.

Perhaps Hillary Rodham Clinton is not a real “boomer” but a symbolic member of the millennial generation raised to think by showing up she deserved the ultimate participation trophy.

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  1. rmnewt says:

    After Bergdahl’s sentence for desertion I’m not sure how objective and apolitical the military’s judicial system would be.

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