Rolling Back Identity Politics: The Revolt of the Middle Class

By John E. Jaggers

President Trump continues to fire 140 character truth-bombs on the DC swamp’s racket. The cloistered, DC political class wedges open every fissure of our culture exploiting the middle class for self-serving financial gain.

The unhappy, angry swamp, in turn, relentlessly fires back charges of racism. They try to brand President Trump and his supporters as racists when they challenge the policies of the swamp.

The American middle class is angry and not happy about DC’s financial plundering or blanket charges of racism.

800 miles from the swamp physically and 800 lightyears away culturally, Alabamans sent another clear signal to the swamp. They are tired of the swamp engineered economy that benefits DC, China, Europe, and the rest of the “global community” while it continues to impoverish states like Alabama.

Northern Virginian woman Hindu leaders supporting the America First Agenda.

Swamp denizens cannot abide a President with more commonality to Presidents Jackson and Reagan than 2016’s swamp-chosen, middle class rejected, candidates.

The swamp-media reduces each issue from healthcare, to hurricane relief, to standing and saluting our country’s flag to a race and identity politics issue. They project onto the country the goofy idea that opposing swamp-made rules makes you a deplorable racist.

When no evidence of overt racism exists, androgynous media political operatives screech from the DC bubble charges of white supremacy. They never draw attention to the black hooded anti-first amendment thugs, AKA “Antifa.” Antifa riots, attacks, and intimidates middle class citizens who peacefully assemble. President Trump called them out.

The middle class cheered, “FINALLY!”

Dedicated supporters at the American Muslims and Sikhs for Trump Rally in Annapolis MD.

Middle class opposition to the swamp is devoid of racism. They know socialized medicine means you’ll be lucky to HAVE a doctor let alone “keep your doctor.” They know their peers never received an inflation adjusted pay raise in 20 years.  They know H1b visas and low wage illegals crossing into our country crush wages and the American Dream.  The middle class knows “carbon taxes” to stop “global warming” has more to do with less take home pay than less carbon-driven “global warming.”.

President Trump’s America First Agenda is the unifier in today’s politics.

Surely, everyone wants America to be first?

President Trump offered a stark choice. We could 1) elect an outsider with no stake in the DC crony economy that prioritizes the “global community” over America, or we could 2) choose his America First deal.

President Trump’s slogan “Pittsburg not Paris” resonated. The middle class knows DC lives apart. Inside their bubble, they live divorced from the nation they purport to lead.

It’s a coin toss game, “Heads: the swamp wins, Tails: the middle class loses.”

President Trump’s political advisors successfully urged him to back the DC swamp Senator, Luther Strange in the Alabama run-off primary between him and Judge Roy Moore.  On the campaign trail, Sen. Strange failed to convince Alabamans he was America first vs. Swamp first. The swamp spent nearly $30M to protect Sen Strange. Judge Moore won with middle class Alabamans.

Believing Alabamans would cultishly follow President Trump demonstrates the poor political intelligence regarding the nature of the middle class freedom movement. President Obama created a substance free mantra, “Hope and Change” and cult-personality leadership. He leveraged both, advancing the left’s identity politics policy of racism everywhere in everything. The approach succeeded for President Obama.  He used his “pen” to Executive Order his agenda. Swamp media cheered.  Swamp Republicans meekly acquiesced. Those policies weakened the middle class here and abroad. Identity politics and cult-leadership decimated Democrats politically.

Mr. John E. Jaggers encouraging Muslim and Sikh’s for Trump to push hard for the America First Agenda.

8,000 miles away physically and 80 feet away culturally for their tolerance and love of freedom, Hindu media (News India) picked up the story of American Hindu woman training in Sterling, VA to defeat swamp candidates. The American First Agenda is spreading geographically and demographically – from deep red Alabama to deep blue Maryland – from working class voters for Trump to Muslims for Trump to Sikhs for Trump.

In Annapolis, every race and creed rallied for the America First Agenda and what it represents for America and the world.

The tolerant, united American middle class is done with race–driven identity politics.

The question is much less, if the citizens of our Republic will defeat the cloistered swamp denizens, but how many electoral defeats need to be delivered until their bubble bursts and the swamp gets drained?

The middle class offers a stark choice, will the swamp join ‘em or go down the drain?

As a famous political operative once said, “It’s the America First Agenda stupid.”

John E. Jaggers was the Maryland and Northern Virginia state director for Trump’s campaign.

The photos in the story were provided by the author.

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3 responses to “Rolling Back Identity Politics: The Revolt of the Middle Class”

  1. Jerry Cave says:

    Brilliant. Every member of Congress who wants to remain a member of that formerly august body should take this message to heart.

  2. Ruth Melson says:

    Bravo! Excellent Article — Spot On! Thank you Mr. Jaggers!

  3. Scoob says:

    Right on! Brilliant!

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