The Revolution in Military Affairs and Information War; China, Russia, and Clinton Inc.

By Ed Timperlake

In the late 1990s, Mr. Andrew Marshall Director of Net Assessment, Office of the Secretary of Defense, published his short and very direct paper heralding the advent of a “Revolution in Military Affairs.” The PLA and especially their spymasters were paying close attention as were the Russians.

Andy Marshall’s vision was profoundly simple.

He postulated that technology and war fighting would evolve toward two constantly improving military capabilities.

Precision-guided munitions with remote sensors

Information war (the word “cyber” had not yet come into vogue)

To this day, the PLA never lost sight of the concept of Information War, nor has Putin’s Russia.

In contrast, the US Military rapidly devolved, mostly, into a subset of IW captured by the word “cyber.”

There is a true distinction, because IW can include all forms of communication from personal “denial and deception,” –people lying, to print, radio and television messing to subtle agents of influence. Cyber is simply a means of describing computer based information that is addressed with the question; is the information stored on computer files or being transmitted real time available and accurate?

In developing their “Information War” military doctrine, the PLA was awarding Doctorates in IW to military officers as early as 1998. They and the Russians know very well the distinctions between IW and its sub-set “cyber”

Since that time both Russian and PRC cyber espionage attempts have been growing and are unrelenting but with a significant role reversal from their traditional “collection efforts” –espionage.

Traditionally the commonly accepted thoughts about PRC espionage is that they have different “spy craft” than the “cold war Russian” model of linear cells and cut outs.  The evidence in the 1990s was that the PLA approached collecting defense technology much differentially than the Russian “cold war” model.

My personal experience in investigating illegal money contributions to Clinton Inc. is that the PLA as needed will use their military along with their Intel community professionals, criminal elements (Triads), businessmen “hustlers,” academics both professors and students and even relatives of all those groups—whatever works.

So when the world become more digitized through the computer revolution, the PLA adapted, and became world-class state directed offensive cyber war fighters.

However, this time there was a role reversal from Russian paranoid and clandestine “cold war” spying. Today Russian cyber activity is very wide open ranging from military and state sponsored activity, to numerous criminal enterprises for profit, to any of many other reasons.

PLA espionage collection efforts in the field (using people) are very freewheeling and unstructured. But in cyber activities the PRC has adopted a Russian paranoid “cold war mentality.”

They appear to be trying to keep their cyber war fighters in a rigid military chain of command. In fact there are significant criminal penalties in China for violating cyber restrictions put in place to keep their citizens from freely playing on the web and also acquiring information.

The leadership of China is trying to constrain and contain the growing World Wide Web sharing of information. The PRC essentially has two cyber targets, those external to China and also their own citizens. Only totalitarian dictatorships and closed societies have this challenge.

As an aside, it is an Intel/cyber seam for a free and open society to exploit.

This difference has not accurately been acknowledged as the U.S. media ponders the issue of Wikileaks “data dumps.” It is only speculation about how computer files arrived in wikileaks. If as often speculated ‘the Russians did it” then IF true, it could be any element of Mother Russia, from the Putin’s state “hackers” to others in their truly wild and unfettered hacking culture.

If it is the PLA, then it is State directed but also remember they are also brilliant at the IW component of war called “denial and deception”—which is skillful lying, and could orchestrate blaming the Russians, so who knows.

Finally to add to the confusion, one must also never in this “wiki” mystery overlook U.S. leakers or those from other countries.

Nothing has been proven definitively, so from now to Election Day the information is the information and must be address as presented.

The fact, regardless of accusations by Clinton Inc. singling their fellow IW travelers in the media that, the Russians did it, never underestimate that Clinton Inc. is one of the best D&D IW teams in the world.

Very early they exhibited brilliant “denial and deception” techniques.

For example, “the great right-wing conspiracy” is a perfect example of a dodge that served them for almost two decades.

They lie brilliantly and have been getting away with it for a long time.

With respect to Clinton Inc. and specifically the PLA, espionage against U.S. military and our defense technology in the nineties was identified and reported on by a Select Committee of the House of Representatives. The Congressional report is a tribute to the tremendous bipartisan effort of those Members who served because the final report was voted out unanimously:

“U.S. National Security and Military/Commercial Concerns with the People’s Republic of China,” Declassified Report issued, May 25, 1999 106th Congress, 1st Session.

The late Chairman Solomon of the House Committee on Rules established this select Committee under the direction of the Speaker because of the clear and present danger of illegal foreign money entering the American Political process. It can be seen in its entirety at the following:

The PRC had an agenda to curry favor with Clinton Inc. using their agents of influence and significant money. The PRC success in the 1990s and continuing to this day can be seen in the continued rapid modernization of all military forces of the Peoples Liberation Army.

The great tragedy in the very real potential of a coming war in the South China Sea is the U.S. and our Allies will be engaging against a very modern PLA (used generically for all military forces of PRC). The combat modernization of PLA can be directly traced in part to the performance of Clinton Inc. and its funding imperatives. This is fully proven and documented extensively so the Clinton Campaign driving the focus on only Russia in this 2016 Presidential Campaign overlooks to modify a phrase “the Dragon in the Room.”

“Cyber” as just a tool and skill set, the true Ammunition in IW is just that information. So the world waits to see what is coming next from wikileaks.

Very early in President Clinton’s first term, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton recognized the power of information in IW. She created a political information acquisition cell in the White House to target the collection of raw FBI files on Republicans. The attack, in successfully acquiring the most private information on targeted Republicans began at the dawn of the Clinton White House. A brilliant piece of reporting by John Fund in the Wall Street Journal captures those nasty days and the people involved;

Craig Livingstone, the former bar bouncer who became President Clinton’s head of White House Security, has been replaced for improperly obtaining confidential FBI files. Chief among the trail of unanswered questions Mr. Livingstone leaves behind is: Who hired this character to oversee one of the most sensitive security operations in the country?

No one inside the Clinton White House will claim credit for hiring the bombastic Mr. Livingstone.

Mr. Livingstone reported directly to former White House Associate Counsel William Kennedy, a former Rose Law Firm partner of Hillary Clinton who was responsible for the original misuse of the FBI in the Travel Office firings and was eventually forced to resign.

It was Mr. Kennedy who requested that civilian Army gumshoe Anthony Marceca be detailed to the White House ostensibly to review “several hundred military personnel assigned to the White House.” Instead, Mr. Marceca, a longtime Democratic political operative, was assigned by Mr. Livingstone to review the files of 408 Republican appointees for “derogatory” information.

Clinton Inc. was in full damage control to distance Livingstone and his buddy Marceca from the truly slimy, but politically powerful, effort to get raw FBI files for First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

From a Congressional inquiry, Livingstone “came highly recommended to him by Hillary Clinton, who has known his mother for quite some time.” Hillary and her enablers denied all this and as expected:

Hillary Clinton would later refer to the whole files matter as a “pseudoscandal”.

In those days her spin worked; not so much now.

To be fair, the collection of only 408 files on First Lady Clinton’s watch pales in comparison to the recent successful date breach of the Office of Personnel Management.

Getting a letter quoted below that around 22 million fellow American’s have also received about the exposure of their most sacred information written by a poorly educated OPM Chief Information Officer is most distressing:

“I am writing to inform you that the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently became aware of a cybersecurity incident affecting its system and data that may have exposed your personal information”

Well thanks a lot Mr. President, especially for another charming line in the letter:

“… nothing in this letter should be construed as OPM or the U.S. Government accepting liability for any of the matters covered by this letter or for any other purpose. Any alleged issues of liability concerning OPM or the United States for all matters covered by this letter or for any purpose are determined solely in conformance with appropriate Federal law.”

Wow feel the love!

Each vote in America is precious so it comes down to personal choices and Jim Webb got it so right: vote for Hillary more of the same; vote for Trump and it could be good or bad.

Finally let’s quote Donald Trump on voting for him, especially after the Clinton/Obama debacle on guarding America against IW.

Clinton Inc. is a domestic threat in collection efforts, while President Obama’s Administration lost the private information of an entire set of government employees and consultants to an off-shore enemy who will creatively use that data in his campaign against American interests.

So vote Trump:

“What have you got to lose?”


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