The F-35 and Its Critics: CAB Looks at the F-35 Program and Corrects the Record

By SLD Team

In a very useful overview on the F-35 program as well as a look at a number of its core capabilities, the C.A.B Show released a video on December 20, 2015.

The video is the most comprehensive facts based narrative of the development of the F-35 and its evolving capabilities ever put together.

The video is built around dealing with the continual barrage of criticism from Pierre Sprey and the team decides to take off the gloves and ask the question: Who is the real turkey: The F-35 or Pierre Sprey?

The video does a good job of ending the free ride for at least one of the critics, but does so in terms of looking at the capabilities the F-35 is bringing to 21st century air-enabled combat.

Credit: The CAB Show


Season 1 Episode 5 

In the latest episode of The CAB Show, Everythingman987 refutes the ridiculous claims made by supposed “jet designer,” and F-35 critic, Pierre Sprey. 

Sprey has been the highlight of the movement against the JSF program, being credited as an “expert” by many news media outlets and is well known for referring to the F-35 as a “turkey.” 

Is this man all that he’s cracked up to be? Is he the person that he claims he is? 

In this video, we will go over the history of both the F-35 program and Pierre Sprey.



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