“Clinton Inc.” Is in Uncharted Political Waters: Swept Aside by The Changing Political Tide?

By Ed Timperlake

“The president has indicated that his view that the decision that he made, I guess 7 years ago now, to add Joe Biden to the ticket as his running mate was the smartest decision that he has ever made in politics.

And I think that should give you some sense into the president’s view into Vice President’s aptitude for the top job,” Earnest said.

(Monday August 24, 2015 White House Press Briefing)

The very insightful Mark Finkelstein captures exactly the threat that Earnest’s statements makes to Clinton Inc, by a news program that has been a traditional liberal safe haven.

On today’s Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough said that the unequivocally pro-Biden statement from White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest yesterday not only sent “a strong, strong message to Hillary” but, echoing The Wall Street Journal, “you wonder whether they’re sending a message to the Justice Department as well.”


If Bill and Hillary still have breakfast together, it must have made for a bad Tuesday morning.

Former President Bill Clinton is aging but still has some of his famous political “mojo.”

Both Bill and President Obama have that radiant personality necessary for politics in America, and so does Donald Trump.

Hillary Rodham Clinton on the other hand has essentially “nojo.”

She is an absolutely truly terrible Pol. Her demonstrated lack of skill to connect is independent of party or ideology.

The late very smart John “Jack” Wheeler once quipped that when HRC was First Lady, “of the ten people who hate her the most, five have to be in the WH.”

On the surface, everything looks the same for Clinton Inc, they have media attention along with some enabling friends in high places and lots of money but everything is also very, very different for them in the 2016 race.

Significantly, they do not control Law Enforcement both on the investigative side and the prosecution side which could lead to indictments if potential criminal behavior is discovered.

Ever since Bill began to shimmy up the famous “greasy pole” of politics as Arkansas Attorney General, then the Governor and finally his two Presidential terms, pulling Hillary along they have been able to control Law Enforcement in ways to conducive to Clinton, Inc., and now they do not.

Clinton Inc. also does not control damaging fact based leaks the Obama Administration does. So Bill and Hillary cannot leak themselves out of trouble. They can try but they do not have access to all the facts being collected against them. This is a now huge problem with President Obama tilting to his VP.

Strategically damaging fact based leaks to take down a President is personified in American History by Mark Felt, AKA “Deep Throat” He was at the very top of the FBI as Deputy and either a very bitter man that he had been passed over for the Directors job, or a hero of the republic, readers about Watergate can make up their own mind.

The problem for Clinton Inc. is that the Obama Administration is that fact collecting is not controlled by them, and there is little they can do about it all leaking out.

The media will not protect them if handed “breaking” stories on a regular basis.

Clinton Inc. does not have the power of the Presidency to change the subject. Just one perfect example, when President Clinton launched his air campaign “Desert Fox” in December 1998, many friends resisted the urge to call it in public the ‘War of Monica’s Thong.”

A yet to be recognized threat against HRC’s Presidential aspirations, is a legal dimension of her using a private server officially as Secretary of State.

If she or her coterie attacked anyone one by name, with the effect of damaging careers, or are subject to claims that she violated personal privacy or spread malicious and nasty gossip in her public, private communication system she can be sued by those who claim their reputations were damaged by such communications.

I doubt President Obama’s Justice Department will defend her.


Finally. it is ironic that the atmospherics of 2015-2016 is against them.

In their youth many Boomers expressed their anger which was captured with a “give it to the man!!” attitude. A lot of media savvy leaders of the baby boom generation declared war on what had gone before and saw the establishment as an enemy.

Today’s younger generation still has the “give it to the man” gene which is probably a function of youth. But currently the establishment “man” is now HRC and Jeb because of his name, along with Washington hacks and flacks and the left leaning Main Stream Media.

This is a dramatic time in our history, and it appears that finally many Americans, a real silent majority, are tired of being hectored, lectured and made to be politically correct in their language and burdened by historical baggage that had nothing to do with them.

This can easily be seen by cutting edge comedians bring angry, for good reason, by a politically correct culture that attacks their chosen profession. A lot of American’s have to be tired of having some special interest group grab onto a statement and use it to crank up public grievances to further their agenda.

It is way over done boring and predictable, especially the argument vote for Hillary simply because she is a woman.

Donald Trump has tapped into all this and the establishment pundit class and Clinton Inc. supporters who are the problem cannot figure him out and how to defend against the shifting tides.




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