Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail Crisis: Time is Not the Democrat’s Friend

By Ed Timperlake

Time has always been on the side of Bill and Hillary Clinton, “Clinton Inc.”

Having gone up against Clinton Inc, see “Year of The Rat,” one gets a feel for their media and political Modus Operandi (MO) in doing damage control when they are in trouble, which is usually constantly.

Both Bill and Hillary’s unbridled questing for money and power is ugly to behold, no spin or revisionist history can whitewash away their past bad behavior. They both take personal greed to a whole different level.

The old cliché actually applies to both of them; when presented with a financial conflict of interest a corrupt Pol says “Hell it doesn’t conflict with my interest.”

The evolving e-mail revaluations and questionable foreign donations bode ill for the down ballot candidates in 2016 if Hillary Clinton is at the top of the ballot.

Getting the nomination is different than holding the reins of power once in office. The primary season for both Republicans and Democrats is more wild west with all sides throwing accusations and charges out to see if they stick.

Both Clinton’s know this to their core and have previously enjoyed a tremendous political advantage.

In the primary season running up to the 1992 Presidential election, Governor Clinton and Rose Law firm Attorney Hillary Clinton had the great advantage of essentially owning state law enforcement in order to put the “fix in” when necessary.

They were able to control the Arkansas state law enforcement organization that could have brought criminal charges against them for any one of many transgressions.

In the subsequent “Year(s) of The Rat” of President Clinton they continued to exploit that tremendous advantage but this time by controlling the US Department of Justice.

Moral issues and questionable illegal actions erupted constantly during the Clinton years, so much so the term “Clinton fatigue” entered into our national vocabulary.

In those days, Clinton Inc. “two for the price of one” had an advantage against all opponents trying to get to the truth and hold them accountable.

The brutal fact is that in both the State Of Arkansas and then in the White House, Clinton Inc. directly controlled law enforcement actions.

Remember, not only was Bill Clinton Governor but he had also served as the Attorney General of Arkansas. It would be very fair to acknowledge that someone as smart and as quick a study as Bill Clinton would learn early in his career the strengths and limitations of enforcing the law.

Meanwhile, the other half of Clinton Inc. Hillary Rodham Clinton, a fellow Yale Law Graduate of Bill, had a brief and rather tainted period of service on the House Judiciary Committee.She could learn how Congress and LE worked together– or not. Readers can judge for themselves her demonstrated political acumen and veracity as a lawyer:

Hillary’s “Unethical Practices” During Watergate

According to Democrat Jerry Zeifman, Hillary “engaged in a variety of self-serving unethical practices in violation of House rules..

..More specifically, Zeifman accused Rodham of writing a fraudulent legal brief and grabbing public documents. Zeifman fired her, and later claimed that he wished he had reported her to the Bar.


This all brings us to the Hillary Clinton, erupting e-mail scandal, along with an earlier announced slow burning scandal of donations to The Clinton Foundation, that slow burn at any moment can erupt into a major fire.

The Clintons when a scandal erupts immediately resort to their battle tested denial and deception campaign tactics, and everyone except Bill and Hillary are expendable. This process has now begun as HRC tweets:

“I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible”

Of course it is typical Clinton D&D because she controls what she gives to State and she can actually release them herself today.

The tweet is just a tactical move to buy time.

However, the very significant law enforcement danger is in the content of the emails, classified or not.

Over time with the power of Congressional subpoenas, along with Judicial Watch and perhaps even the media going to Court, her “private” released and Department of State “vetted” e-mails can be crossed referenced with e-mails found on various other Government computers, eventually including some found in the White House.

If an e-mail is found on a US Government computer but has not been released from Secretary Clinton’s e-mail account, then terms like obstruction of justice, perjury and conspiracy to lie to Congress will be put in play.

It is a slow motion painful process to put the country through-AGAIN.

In their playbook both Bill and Hillary are appropriately counting on the usual friendly media covering the issue and then moving on. The fact the story broke in New York Times is not good news for sensing a friendly media on these issues.

Their traditional desire is to make it into “nothing to see” and then just “old news,” but this time it is vastly different based on two very significant issues.

The first is they do not control Law Enforcement side of the Presidency: President Obama does.

The second is that the history of Elections during the Obama Presidency, except for the world class Obama political team’s skill, has been just awful for the Democrat Party.

The Democrats are not fools, in fact quite the opposite, they often run a political calculus and campaign activities better than Republicans.

Here is the simple dilemma, as the Senator Menendez pending indictment and General Petraeus plea bargain just demonstrated:

Law enforcement action or inaction, is not controlled by Clinton Inc..

It is controlled by President Obama’s Justice Department.

Remember Congress cannot prosecute, they make criminal referrals to US Department of Justice.

Both the e-mail and foreign money scandal, which will probably intercept with each other, is heading into uncharted territory for the tried and true Clinton D&D game plan.

One of thousands questions can be:

Are there any e-mails about Algeria?

If not why not or are the American people to believe that Algeria gave $500,000 in the blind based on a public statement about helping Haiti—O sure!


Or how about any e-mails sent to Mike Morell at CIA, or even worse magically only showing up on CIA computers during the Benghazi investigation?

“(Senator) Graham, along with his two Republican colleagues, Sen. John McCain of Arizona and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, have been outspoken advocates of a special investigation, because they say then-acting director of the CIA Mike Morell misled them about his role in crafting the so-called media talking points that blamed an opportunistic protest gone awry for the assault. “

Of course, Clinton loyalists will try and do their best.

However, they cannot control the thinking of House Members and those Senators up for reelection with their name in the “D” column. These serious men and women may finally be looking for a severance from all things Clinton especially after reading such a nasty comment by Paul Begala, his statement is not a rational or thoughtful confidence builder:

“Voters do not give a shit. They do not even give a fart… Find me one persuadable voter who agrees with HRC on the issues but will vote against her because she has a non-archival-compliant email system and I’ll kiss your ass in Macy’s window and say it smells like roses.”

Another group in conflict because of uncertainty are the big money donors, some of whom are probably tired of the never ending Clinton shake down, or even well-motivated donors who may see it as a terrible failed investment because they do not know what they don’t know.

But first and foremost in this time of daily breaking news, both Bill and Hillary Clinton most definitely do not control what President Obama and his Chicago outfit can and will do with Law Enforcement.

Both Clintons, Obama Administration political appointees and all Democrat Pols cannot be sure what will happen in the future.

The possibility exists that hard evidence of high level conspiracies and obstruction of justice by many parties may be handed to a new Republican President in 2016.

Lawyer bills in DC are very high.

There is now a fuse lit that can possibly blow up the Democrat Party in 2016 if Hillary Rodham Clinton is their Presidential Candidate.

Do they want to chance betting the future of their Party to defend the Clintons “just” one more time?

This issue cannot be kicked down the road especially not now with both House and Senate involved with focus and power.

This quickly festering issue best be addressed and the sooner the better.

As a former political appointee of President Reagan I actually hope The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton is given the honor of being their Party’s Candidate in 2016.

It will be fun to see how it all turns out and Election Day 2016, will be a Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night” moment.




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