President Obama’s Action in Libya: An Historic Failure with Long-Term Consequences

By Ed Timperlake

The “ready fire aim” Odyssey Down “war” so far has “achieved” a number of results:

  • Globally loose MANPADS;
  • The resurgence of Al-Qaeda with a significant 9/11 victory;
  • The death of our Ambassador along with his communication assistant and two very brave former SEALs who made an historic stand.

Because of the President and his team’s dereliction of duty in not sending military assistance, they figuratively threw down their rifles and deserted under fire.

“To the shores of Tripoli” goes back to President Jefferson but now because of political decisions made in the White House, but the song now has a different meaning.

And we can add to the “achievements” that our CIA effort are now “blinded.”

“It’s a catastrophic intelligence loss,” said one American official who has served in Libya and who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the F.B.I. is still investigating the attack. “We got our eyes poked out.”

President Obama covering up the cause of a deadly National Security event, sent a world wide signal of weakness.

His direct action in failing to rescue his teams fighting for their lives while also running away from Benghazi crippled the CIA.

This will have significant long-term consequences, because evidence is being reported by Russia Today that some of the Libyan Freedom Fighters, that we backed, are using WMD-poison gas to settle scores.

While the army claims that it is targeting the city in order to rid it of pro-Gaddafi forces, many who have been injured or killed are children, women and the elderly. Meanwhile, reports continue to emerge about troops using unconventional weapons in the city. A local activist told RT that the army is preventing media from entering Bani Walid simply because they fear the press might report their “crimes and terrible deeds.”

“I can confirm that pro-government militias used internationally prohibited weapons. They used phosphorus bombs and nerve gas,” Afaf Yusef, an activist from Bani Walid, told RT. “We have documented all this in videos – we recorded the missiles they used and the white phosphorus raining down from these missiles.”

However, unlike a significant fawning cohort in the American media who were willing used by the Obama Administration to carry forward for weeks the bogus contrived story about a “disgusting movie,” SLD will report what RT has said but also look for additional confirmation.

It is just one report in one paper and we are awaiting further confirmation.

We asked one of the world experts on Libya if it could it be true and he provided great clarity on this major evolving story:

It might theoretically be possible for Misrata militia to be using chemical weapons in Bani Walid…this is the ultimate grudge match between true victims of Qaddafi and his core supporters, these old scores being settled in blood. 

The government in Tripoli is desperately trying to get control on this, but seems reluctant – intimidated – by the prospects of going up against the Misratis. However much a blood bath, people on the ground in Tripoli are assuring me there are no chemical weapons being used because they don’t have them; although I have to say if they had them I have no doubt they’d use them. I would advise to not move unless you see something from reliable press sources.

If Chemical WMD is being used at Bani Walid this might be the first reported deadly use of WMD since Saddam gassed Iranians in the Iraq/Iran War and also his own people.

But tragically the CIA is now blind, or severely hampered, on not only identifying the location of MANPADS. And we do not have our field operatives to look into the RT story have been pulled out.

The CIA has judgement, insight and courage and could have been tasked to find out if WMD is being used.

This RT story could have been resolved by a simple yes or no.

Excluding loose MANPADs is the first strategic consequence of not sending the military into Benghazi to stand and fight to keep our presence active.

In addition to the loss of life of four Americans, the consequences of our ignorance about Libyan WMD might prove to be catastrophic.

The bottom line is simple for next Tuesday’s election: If the evil doers continue to see the Obama Administration remaining in power to spin, lie, and show willful blind ignorance, along with a proven inability to execute a military option, then some very smart dedicated killers will have learned a very powerful lesson.

They will continue to hurt America and our allies because their evil never sleeps.

If President Obama, VP Biden and Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod et al are reelected Iran and China are also watching and taking our measure. They are not a proven combat team leading America in fact just the opposite.

Giving the go order to kill Osama and watching it in a secure facility Inside the Beltway is not the same as standing and fighting when bullets are flying and people are dying.

They do not have a clue about physical, moral or intellectual courage on that front.

Governor Romney has the vision and leadership skills to fix our broken economy. But just as important, he must be elected to stop the US racing toward the Biggest National Security Hurt Locker imaginable: blindness on WMDs.

The Obama Administration demonstrated national security weakness with a willingness to cover up.

This mindset – that one’s personal political standing matters more than the country’s security — could tragically prove to be an even bigger disaster for America than just a sour economy.


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