The Gathering Storm: Shaping a Way Ahead

President-Elect Trump: A Revolution No Less

By Kenneth Maxwell

The world will not be the same under president Trump. That much is sure.

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Lost Inside the Beltway: “Can We Work for President Trump?”

By Ed Timperlake and Robbin Laird

The American voters have put in motion a significant political process of change. But back Inside the Beltway, panic and obstruction loom large.

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A New Administration: A New Day

By Danny Lam

President elect Trump and his team have been given a mandate by the American people. The future is now and a new page in American political history is being turned.

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Trump’s Inner-City Initiative: Drawing on the Success of Charter Schools

By Monica Lee Morrill

Charter Schools are rising to the challenge of doing more with less, something even Benjamin Franklin himself would have celebrated.

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The Trump Defense Approach: Secretary Wynne Talks About Its Impact for the Gulf Coast

By Michael Wynne

Donald Trump has proposed the most significant investment in national defense since Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

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