Norway and Trident Juncture 2018

By The SLD Team

Recently, the Norwegian Ministry of Defence created a web page and posted a video explaining to the Norwegian population about the coming Trident Juncture exercise and what the core focus of Norwegian defense unfolding in the current period.

What follows is our translation (with apologies to our Norwegian friends) of the webpage and of the video.

Why Should Norway Have a Defense Force?

Why is Norway a member of NATO?

Norway is a small country with just over five million inhabitants. We have never had and will never have our own defense that is big enough to resist a major attack by a powerful external enemy for a long time.

NATO membership is therefore crucial for Norway’s security because the NATO Treaty establishes that an attack on a member state should be regarded as an attack on all. “One for all, all for one” has therefore been the foundation of Norwegian security policy ever since 1949.

Why will 50,000 NATO soldiers come to Norway for an exercise?

NATO is a defense alliance that, in its size and power, will have a deterrent effect on any attackers. A NATO exercise can in many ways be compared to a fire prevention exercise. The few of us experience a fire close up during life, but if the worst happens, it’s a good idea to have tested all the routines in advance.

Trident Juncture is the fire preparation exercise of the Armed Forces. Here we shall practice receiving soldiers and equipment from all over NATO. And with 30 other countries, we will try to defend our country by any attack.

Why does Norway need a new fighter?

Fighter aircraft are one of the most important capabilities in a modern and efficient defense, and F-35 is the world’s best combat aircraft.

F-35 can defeat other aircraft and targets on the ground and the sea. In addition, combat aircraft operate electronic warfare and provide their own forces at sea and land with valuable information. The aircraft’s ability to collect information also becomes crucial for Norway’s role as NATO’s eyes and ears in the north.

Why does Norway need a new submarine?

Norway has the second longest coastline in the world and rages across major ocean areas in the north. So we have a lot of sea to watch.

Submarines can operate hidden over large areas for a long time and they have great impact. This means that an opponent must spend a lot of time and effort to safeguard our submarines.

The Government has therefore decided that Norway will buy four new submarines to help ensure Norway’s maritime interests and its own borders.

Why are many any of our best young people being sent out in the woods or into the mountains for a whole year?

In Norway, we have universal service, which means that women and men have the same duty and the right to serve our country. The duty of consecration ensures that Norway has a solid defense at all times, consisting of our most suitable people.

We want as many as possible to be motivated to do something for their country and to serve in the Armed Forces.

It is a duty, but also an outstanding opportunity for you.

What do we want to happen?


Absolutely nothing.

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