PRC Nuclear Signaling?

China’s nuclear missile drill seen as warning to US not to meddle in region – Military mouthpiece releases photos of drills involving ICBM able to reach American West Coast after Pentagon upgrades forces in Japan  

The PLA has for the first time released photos of its most advanced ICBM in action – a move seen as a response to US military moves in the region.  The 17 photos published on the PLA Daily’s website on Tuesday provided the first glimpse of a live drill involving the Dongfeng-31 since its delivery to the Second Artillery Corps in 2006.

The missile has an estimated range of nearly 10,000 km– enough to deliver a nuclear warhead to the capitals of Europe or the west coast of the United States.

Military experts said the release was a warning to the US not to interfere in the country’s territorial disputes with Japan over the Diaoyu Islands, or Senkakus, in the East China Sea. ….

South China Morning Post  – Thursday, January 23, 2014


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