Significant Degradation of Capability with Current Acquisition

By Air Force Association

  • The procurement challenges facing the Air Force will not be addressed in the FYDP.
  • Key programs like KC-X, Next Gen Bomber, F-35, and CSAR-X have been delayed—deferring major acquisition to the 2020s.
  • Aircraft like F-22 and E-10 were cancelled, leaving requirements unmet.
  • It will take 48 years to recapitalize the fleet at this rate.
  • Subtracting MQ-9, MC-12, LAAR, which are not replacing present systems, the AF is at an 87-year replacement rate.
  • Acquisition delays mean that the legacy fleet will have to operate into the next decade.
  • Service life extension programs (SLEPs) will be required for most legacy systems—these aircraft are operating beyond their design lives.
  • SLEPs, while necessary, divert finite budget resources away from new aircraft purchases and fail to address fundamental combat capability limitations inherent within the legacy fleet.
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