Tech Impetus Swings East

By Nick Clayton

Mr. Zennström warns that Europe’s legacy businesses may become a hindrance: “BRIC countries’ companies and start-ups are incredibly entrepreneurial and really focused on building their future rather than defending the past.”

And European firms need to act fast. Mr. van den Berg believes there is a window of opportunity of eight to 10 years in which Chinese and other countries can be made to share systems of open innovation and free trade. After that there is a danger that their brands will be too entrenched to change.

And in another part of the article the author wrote:

“To understand the growth I would recommend you read the twelfth five-year program in China. The Chinese leaders are going to invest in that plan in the billions. Of course, they will not excel in everything but if they succeed in 60% instead of 100% they will still develop a formidable competing power in these areas,” says Dirk van den Berg, president of Delft University of Technology, describing China’s transition from being a low-cost source of factory labor to being an industrial innovator in its own right.


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