Charm Offensive

By Joshua Kurlantzick

(New Haven: Yale University Press, 2007)

Quotes taken from chapter three “Charm Strategy”

In this very interesting book, the author lays out the charm offensive conducted by China over the past decade.  The author argues that there are several key elements to the charm effort by the PRC.


Changing China’s image and undermining the scenario of a China threat were vital to Beijing and crucial to the future of its foreign policy.  With this change, Beijing would diminish fears of China’s future military power, or concerns that China’s massive economic growth would divert trade and foreign investment from other nations.

He then added peace would also allow Beijing to pursue its second goal of obtaining enough resources to feed its economy.

He added a third goal: Building a ring of allies who share Beijing’s suspicion of national intervention in other countries’ affairs.

And added that As a great power, China might even shift influence away from the Untied States, creating its own sphere of influence for places like southeast Asia, where China’s power is strongest.

Another key proposition: China’s strategy also includes focusing on developing nations whose bilateral relationship with other major powers are faltering.

And China seems to have enjoyed striking success with its anti liberal model…China’s model particularly appeals to rulers in authoritarian or semi authoritarian nations Beijing is cultivating.


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