OPSEC Concerns Getting Attention

By Ed Timperlake

The OPSEC team concerns about security are getting attention.

The four-month assault by former Navy SEALs and Special Forces operatives against President Obama’s handling of the Osama bin Laden raid had the potential to discredit the president’s signature foreign policy achievement, but the veterans’ partisan excesses and absurd public remarks are turning them into a laughingstock within the special forces community.

The attacks on Obama began surfacing in April when Ryan Zinke, a former Navy commander and Republican state senator, aired his grievances to The Daily Mail. “The President and his administration are positioning him as a war president using the SEALs as ammunition,” he said. “I would not overly pat myself on the back for making the right call.” At the time, BuzzFeed’s Michael Hastings began hearing similar grumblings from other SEALs and identified the sentiment as a highly dangerous threat to Obama’s re-election platform. “The frustration—or, even anger—within the SEAL community is real, and has been brewing for months,” he wrote in May. He compared the situation to 2004’s Swift Boats Veterans for Truth campaign, which succeeded in raising doubts about Sen. John Kerry’s war hero status. “Like Kerry’s war record, the vulnerability to the president’s Bin Laden story isn’t so much from [Republicans], as it from those who can claim the mantle of veteran.” In Obama’s case, many former SEALs claimed that mantle, but they’re doing a terrible job carrying it.

Setting aside the political trick of selecting a single example to try and discredit the message the fact that it is trying to be spun away in The Atlantic is a very good thing. Concern over protecting classified information, and even worse the President’s team exploiting it for political gain is a legitimate issue.

This pattern and practice of classified disclosures have been getting a lot worse on the Administrations’ watch and professional non-partisan Counterintelligence investigative focus is demanded.

Before any “must destroy this message” mindless critics pounce:

The individuals we are expressing concern over in our articles are American Union workers.

They along with US and Allied troops and the Afghan Army Air Force who are having an important Air asset delayed can not be left out of the shallow political DC cubical commando focused diatribes.

It is getting toward the time to end the US full force engagement in Afghanistan and leave behind an important and significant aircraft in the Afghan military inventory, and special ops teams who will know exactly how to help the Afghans make full use of a light attack aircraft.



Apologists and their media enablers should keep complaining and explaining in The Atlantic and other publications.  The publicity is excellent for the courage of the Special Ops warriors who have legitimate 1st Amendment rights to publicly defend what they think is a deadly trend in releasing classified information being lead by the Obama Administration.

They are out of uniform and bring sunlight to an important issue and the Chairman JCS’s admonishment against them is woefully misplaced.

If General Dempsey wanted to be engaged then he should order Army G-2 to investigate the HBC/PRC deal for possible compromise of classified technology.




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